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As you are bringing on new team members, are you holding weekly company meetings?

Are they something you and the team looks forward to?

Here is a great formula to use for your team meetings to do so.


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Let’s dive into each quadrant.

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1. What’s Working

Start each meeting on a positive note. What are each of your team members big wins for the week? What can you give them an “Atta Boy!” for this week?

This does several things. It gets everyone present, positive, and focused.

2. What’s Not

Unless your company is perfect and since there is not such thing as attaining perfection, there will be systems that you have in place that need adjusting.

However, this can turn into one big grumbling session and that must be avoided at all costs.

In order to avoid the complaint raid, have this boundary in place and discuss with team: anyone may bring up something that is not working, but s/he must present it Above the Line (taking ownership and not blaming) AND be the first to offer a solution.

3. What’s missing

Sometimes there will be systems that you don’t yet have in place that you will want to introduce or get feedback on or will come up in the course of conversation. Here is where you can discuss possible systems and the best way to go about implementation.

4. What’s next?

During the last few minutes, take time to go around the table and have each team member say what was their biggest “take-a-way” from the meeting. In other words, what inspired them, what are they excited about, or what did they learn.

This wraps the meeting up and ends on a positive and forward thinking note. Also, it can be anything from the meeting, so it let’s you as the owner know, what really hit home the most during the meeting. It may not be what you expected!


Using this four quadrant system, you will notice your team meetings gaining efficiency and popularity. Your team will know that you are excited for them, you are continually trying to grow and improve every aspect of the company to it’s best, AND will help your team to feel more like a team – everyone working together to achieve more!


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