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How to Get Honest Feedback From Customers to Improve Your Customer Service

Many times after we are finished with a project we would ask the home-owner how it went…

Most of them were very polite and said, “Oh, it went great.”

I could never get anything specific from them that we could improve on.

Of course, we always wanted to keep improving in every area, especially with our customer service and customer experience.

What we do now is use a variation of Jack Welch’s net promoter at the end of every job, instead of asking, “how did we do,” I ask two questions.

The first question I ask is,

“On a scale of 1 to 10, how was your experience with the team?”

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Notice, I didn’t say it about us or our company, I put it on them so that I could get an honest reaction or an honest reply from them.

The second question I asked was based on their answer to question one.

For example, if they gave us a 7, I would say, “thank you.”

You don’t get offensive and you don’t make any excuses, no matter what their answer is.

So you would ask them,

“Thank you. What would make it an 8?”

Now we are getting awesome feedback!

Some feedback that we would’ve never noticed, such as,

“One of the guys showed up late,” or, “the guys were on their phones all day.”

Or maybe one of them parked on the customer’s grass or flicked a cigarette on their lawn.

Whatever it might be, there is a whole like a bunch of fun ones that come to mind.

They are funny now, they weren’t funny then…

Here is what the scale means:

  • 1-6 means they would probably never use you again.
  • 7 or 8 means they’ll use you again unless they find somebody else a couple dollars cheaper.
  • It’s only a 9 or a 10 that we’ve actually absolutely crushed it and earned a raving fan and they don’t mind paying a couple more dollars for our service.

The key is customer experience.

We can’t offer top-shelf customer experience unless we know exactly what’s going on out there.

Take these scores back and track them, and give them back to your team and let them know in front of their crew.

Just say, “John, your crew scored a 9 with Mrs. Jones, way to go!”

If they don’t get some awesome feedback, then don’t put that out for the whole company to know.

Just reach out to your crew leader directly, “hey look, your crew was rated a 7. She said this is what would have made it an 8.”

Then you can just have a growing conversation about it, just to level up the leadership skills!

So those are the two questions that can help you get honest feedback from your customers so that you can keep improving on your customer service!

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