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How I Built Company Culture With a Klondike Bar

What do Klondike Bars have to do with painting?

For some of us, absolutely nothing.

But here I am in a grocery store, I just ran in, it’s in the afternoon, and it’s kind of warm outside for us up here in New England, our first warm day of the year, and I know the employees are feeling it.

Anyway, I am Ron Ramsden, a DYB Coach, and also a painting contractor.

As we think about company culture, we often talk about the group chats, the days out, maybe playing golf, making them feel good, employee recognition, and all those other things.

Start With the Little Things

Sometimes, it’s the little things that you can build on. If you don’t have a budget for some of the bigger things, start with the little things.

On a warm day, take them Klondike bars, they are not going to be expecting it, don’t tell them you are coming, just grab a couple of packages, depending on how many you have in the crew, and just drop them off.

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You’re going to be surprised at how much this changes things, and how appreciative they are when they receive something like that.

In the afternoon, a lot of times, we are worried about jobs, how they are going and everything, and we are calling the crew leader and saying, “Do you need anything?”

Usually, it’s “I need a gallon of paint… I need this, we are all set,” and so on…

Next time, call them up and say, “I am stopping at the coffee shop; how do you want your coffee today?”

You’ll be surprised, pretty soon, you’ll be getting an order.

And then, when you show up on there, you are going to be getting enthusiasm and “thank you’s”, it is a great way to break the ice if you have never done something like this before.

Appreciate Your Employees Regularly

Make it a regular thing to appreciate the employees, maybe not every day, maybe once or twice a week, it’s a very affordable way to build a culture in your company.
There’s plenty of other ways, but these are a couple of the little things, especially if you are on a budget.

But even if you are not a budget, a couple of packages of
Klondike bars would go a long way.

I just wanted to share that, I am grabbing a few packages of Klondike bars for my crew.

You can get in touch with me on Facebook, send me a message, I would love to chat with you.

You can also find me at, ask me a question, I would love to chat with you.

Have a great day!

About the Author

Ron Ramsden is the owner of the successful Ramsden 1-800-PAINTING, who implemented the DYB SYSTEM, and crushed it in 2015, and now coaches other painting contractors around the nation to do the same.