How Painting Professionals Can Use Interview Style Videos As Promotional Testimonials

How Painting Professionals Can Use Interview Style Videos As Promotional Testimonials

As a painting professional, you should be aware of how having video testimonials can help you to find more clients.

Websites that have video testimonials can have an increase of traffic of 45% compared to those with no testimonials.

If you watch a lot of video testimonials, though, some of them are long and unfocused and don’t really help future customers.

This is where you can step in and take control – by making use of the interview style, you can make better video testimonials.

Let’s have a look at some tips for how painting professionals can use interview style videos as promotional testimonials.

1. Practice Makes Consistent

One thing that you’re going to notice is that with all of these video testimonials you make, the first few may not be so great.

The important thing is that you shouldn’t be discouraged and keep pushing forward with making videos, learning along the way.

You may even find that you will eventually want to take down your early videos, and that is fine.

After all, it’s going to be the better videos that you want your future customers to see.

Think of the early videos you make as practice videos that help you to make better videos later on.

2. Dress The Part

While your customers are going to be wearing whatever they’re wearing, you should always be wearing the same thing.

That thing, in particular, is your work uniform that identifies you as a painting contractor working for your company.

One good thing about always wearing the same uniform in your videos is that you’ll always be identifiable.

People will know — oh that’s George, the painting contractor, and those are the two clients.

It would be similarly good, on that note, to stand on the same side in each video — keep it regular!

3. Keep A Consistent Script

In most testimonial videos that you will see online, people will talk about the paint work that your company did.

This is great, but sometimes people will lose focus and just not really talk about the topic clearly.

This will distract the audience, who will wonder if the people in the video even really liked your work.

What you should do is make a list of questions that you ask each client about the work that you did.

You’re going to be repeating these questions in the same order, for that same sort of uniformity people appreciate.

What part of the house did you need painting — what did you need done specially — what expectations did you have?

It’s these kinds of questions that will get the clients to remember the good work that you did for them and get it on video.

4. Make Sure You Are Lit Well

If you have the best questions for your clients and you are well dressed, it won’t matter if nobody can see you!

One of the keys to making a good video is to make sure that it is lit well.

This means that the light should be behind you, not in front of you, as otherwise it will look really bad in the video.

Before you start recording the video, you should make some test shots in different places to see how it will look.

Once you find the right place for your video, you can film there and rest assured your video will look top notch.

5. External Microphone May Be Needed

Another important thing for consideration is to make use of an external microphone if needed.

If you have certain kinds of phone cases, it may make it hard to properly record sound.

This is, of course, if you use your phone to record your videos — and let’s face it, it’s the easiest way to make them.

It’s typically the case that you are going to get better sound from an external microphone than one built in.

It’s just a matter of finding one that works with your video recording device and you find easy enough to use.

6. Title Cards For Information

Lastly, you shouldn’t forget that title cards on your video can make the difference between one watched partially…

And one that is watched all the way through!

You can start with the name of your company as a title card and the name of the people being interviewed, and where they are located.

You can then have a card in between each question that has a general bit of information about what you are asking.

This way, you can get people to follow along with your video and know what is coming up.


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