Marketing for Painting Contractors - Adding Audio to Blog Post

You want your blogs to be converted to audio for ease of listening while driving, right? Right! Here’s the super easy way to do just that.

  1. Record a voice memo on your phone of you reading your awesome blog post. (Hint: for better quality, use headset with a boom/microphone attached.)
  2. Save the recording with the same title as your blog post.
  3. Email recording to yourself.
  4. Open email and download the recording
  5. Upload audio to hosting. (We signed up for, but you can host your audio anywhere you choose. Libsyn is super easy.)
    1. Sign up at
    2. Upload audio content
    3. Copy “name.m4a” file created.
  6. Open admin panel of WordPress site: (where you go to create posts on your website)
  7. Open blog post you read
  8. Enter this code above the text of your blog:[see below src=”name.m4a“]¬†with your m4a link inside the quotes and SEE BELOW changed to word audio. (If I did that here, you’d see the audio bar not how to do it.)
  9. Viola! You are a rockstar!

About the Author

Steve and I built up, streamlined, and sold Burnett 1-800-PAINTING--- quintupling it in under 3 years during what some called a "bad economy" before selling. We are now helping other painting contractors and entrepreneurs to Double Their Business while reducing their hours. We've been the struggling painters until we figured out what works and now love to share that info with you, to help you do the same! Whether you are building up to sell or pass on to your children, we are here to help you make it a reality.