If the Market Place Isn't Talking about You - It's because you're boring and You're boring on purpose- because it's safe

5 years ago, this quote ROCKED my world!

I was sitting at my desk reading John Jantsch’s book, The Referral Engine, when I came across this quote.
It was quiet. Quiet because the phone wasn’t ringing. We were safe. Too safe. Boring? Yes, professionally boring.
We did all the proper things. We were professional. And being professional was the problem.
Being professional is safe. It’s what all professionals do.


Unfortunately, being professional is boring, and, what’s worse, it’s what everybody else is being.
So, if you are playing it safe, being professional, then, sadly, you are average.
But, if you, too, felt the punch to the gut like I did, then hold on to your seats because you’re about to experience a shift!
Average is so dang boring! Our community is begging for a spark. Something unique.

If your going to interrupt their day, take up space of their day, we owe it to them to engage their emotions.

To light them up!
Like a G.I.
No, not the military G.I.
Correction, G.I.E.

If your going to interrupt their day, do so with G.I.E.

G. Gratitude
I. Inspiration And, my favorite,
E. Entertainment
How can you do so? That is the HIGH VALUE question.
Keep asking that question to yourself and to everybody you know.
Ideas will start to pour in!
Here was the very first unsafe interruption I did and it just took off from there.

PS – #KeepItCaffeinated to help with ideas. 😉


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