How To Get Buy-In From Your Team

Getting buy-in from your team when implementing a new app or a new process for how things should go can be stressful if you’re going about it wrong.
Instead, do this…
Start with Why.
Changing processes or habits can be difficult for any of us.

Your team will be far more receptive to making a change if they first understand why the change needs to be made.
Make sure you lead with the benefit to them.

The brand benefit to any improvement is to increase effectiveness, which then increases profits.
When you increase profits, you can pay more.
Here’s an example :
Maybe you’ve been handing out work orders via text messages or by printed document, but now you understand how much easier life will be for you if you implement a project management app like
The benefit to them with the app is that they can know ahead of time when and where they will be working, the full scope of work, pictures of the job, and possibly where the other team members will be working too.
But first,
Sell your influencer on it.
We all have a person on our team that is not the owner that the team looks to for leadership.
That person is your team’s influencer.
Make sure you sit down with your influencer and help them see the benefit to them and the company as a whole.
Once you have your influencer’s support, introduce it to your whole team, and with your influencer’s support, it will be much easier to get buy-in.
In summary:
  • Start with why: what’s the benefit for them?
  • Sell your influencer on it first.
  • Roll it out for effective buy-in.

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