It’s after the New Year, your really working on the business, getting organized, getting ready for the spring and waiting for….. the phone to ring.

Is your phone not ringing right now?

What are you doing to get it to ring?

Try these 3 easy steps that are low to no cost to get your phone ringing today!

  1. Networking Meetings – Every town has a business group that meets weekly.  The Chamber of Commerce and Rotary but the quickest is a leads group.  BNI and LeTip are a few.  Seek out those chapters, attend as a guest.  Make a memorable introduction and BOOM!  Leads will start that day!  If this is out of your comfort zone then you should definitely do this!
  2. Phone calls to past clients – Yes, cold calling, well maybe not cold.  They already like you, know who you are, so ring them up!  What to ask you say?  This is Jeff from ESP Painting, We painted your exterior this past year and wanted to thank you for the work!  After the holiday decorations come down people realize they need interior painting and that is what we do, call ESP Painting for any of your painting needs… and we appreciate your referrals to!
  3. Handwritten Note Cards – Pick your “A” list clients and handwrite 10 to 20 notecards a week until your list has been exhausted.  You can send more if you’d like and I would not recommend doing all of them in 1 week.  “Thank your for being a great client to us!  Your referrals and continued business is greatly appreciated and don’t forget about our free touchup program for your paint job!  Have an amazing day!”
  4. Email Newsletters – Send one out today!  Make a 1 page newsletter with pictures and content that interest them.  No more than 3 items to talk about and your offer.  Family update is a big hit always!  Tricks of the trade – easy touchup tricks.  Your new offer.  Send it through Constant Contact or Mail chimp!




About the Author

Owner of ESP Painting, Jeff was coached by Steve for over a year before being certified as a DYB Coach. He continues to operate his successful painting business as well as coaching other painting contractors to DYB their business.