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Time management, productivity, and flat out getting things done are all very important to me. So when I come across an app or program that helps me to do just that, I get excited, and I just found another one and I’ll share it in just a second.


Are you too busy, or worse feeling overwhelmed?


You are not alone. Most everybody feels like they are running around with their heads cut off and their is no sign of it letting up. The economy is on fire and that is a wonderful problem. Now we just need to make a couple of adjustment.

  • Step 1: If you are booked out 2 months, raise your prices

    by at least 10%. The last thing you want to do is book yourself full into the fall and have customers begging you to paint their exteriors but you cannot not because you have no more room on your schedule and their is an extreme shortage of painters to be hired, or worth being hired. If you would like access to all of my marketing stratigies and how to position yourself at the preeminent painting contractor in your target market, you can check out the DYB Café here for $37. 

  • Step 2: Get Organized ASAP, and don’t confuse activity for accomplishment.

    You must keep a clear head and have a firm grip on your situation. First thing you should now and be very clear on a daily basis is what your current cashflow situation is to the penny. Money may be flying in giving us the feeling of making money, buy it flies out much faster. The first place to start for a solid foundation to getting organized is to read David Allen’s book, “Getting Things Done” and you can find his revised version that was just released on Amazon.

  • Just say no.

    Be ok with saying no. Not to every lead that calls you. Most likely more leads are calling you than you can possible service. First thing to do is sit down and get clear on who your perfect customers are. I rank them by 3 categories and you can see them here in the Ask Steve ß Show Epidode 7: How To Find Your Target Market.

    1. Awesome to work for.
    2. Most profitable.
    3. Easiest to set up.

  • And now the new productivity app I promised to share with you.

    How often do you find yourself going back and forth trying to schedule a meeting with a friend or a customer? Well, for our website we liked to use and it still really awesome, but some times you you just want to offer a few time to meet or at least select a few options to present.

    Well, check out Assistant.To, which allows you to schedule meetings in seconds all within Gmail. No back & forth. No double bookings.


  • Step 1: Tell Attestant.To about your meeting in the bottom right corner. Location, phone call ect.


Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 5.12.24 AM


  • Step 2: select the times you are willing to meet.


business coach painting contractor


  • Step 3: Attestant.To will insert those times into your email.


business coach for painting contractors


  • Step 4: BOOM, you are done!


business coach painting contractor




Here is the link so you can install the extension


What is one of your time management strategies? Please share it below in the comment.


Thank you and #KeepItCaffeinated !


About the Author

As a newly single father of two from MI, he struggled to start over as a paint contractor in FL, going door to door. His situation was so bad, even the IRS had mercy on him.

 Feeling completely hopeless, he remembered the story of King Solomon praying for wisdom. Could it be so easy? 

He felt he had absolutely nothing to lose. So, as a bankrupt, divorced, high school dropout, single father of 2 young kids, now living 1250 miles away from all friends and family, started to pray for wisdom.
 And while he continues to wait for the wisdom to arrive, what did come was an insatiable desire to learn and read books… 
Thanks to God for giving him the burning passion to read books, and attend seminars, (oh and winning the wife lottery) he not only cracks the success code and overcomes the struggle, but also streamlines his painting business in less than 3 years, published a how to book, then sold the company. Now he leads a business coaching company for painting contractors so he can help other businesses, like yours, to do the same. Hear more... Or