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Why I’m Glad We Lost This Job

Hey there, Greg here from Green Pro Painting, a commercial painting company out of Greenville, South Carolina, also DYB Coach.

I want to tell you a little story about why I am excited that we just lost this really large $600,000 project.

We’ve been bidding this for quite a while, it’s a multi-family, high-rise building, 10-storey.

We got shortlisted, which means we would have an opportunity to interview with the contractor, the project manager, assistant project manager, and project superintendent.

We go to this building last week, we have been discussing things back and forth; pricing, breakout, things of that nature.

And as we were reviewing the documents, we come to find out that the timeline of the project has been shortened… so what does that mean for us?

Basically, we had anticipated the job being a year and a half to 2 years, give or take, depending on the timeline, well they bumped it back to only 6 months for this project!

As we get back to the office after the meeting, the meeting went really well, we liked them, they liked us.

We did some math on it and just came to find out that it was going to take so many people to get this project done, and it just was unrealistic for them to complete it and do it in a professional manner in that timeline.

They ended up going with one of our competitors which turned out to be this huge blessing in disguise for us.

I am so happy that it happened, I am relieved that we are not going to be running around like crazy for the next 6 months, trying to find people to paint this building in this short time.

So, that’s why I am excited that that happened!

Thanks for watching guys, feel free to leave a comment below about a crazy story you have.

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