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I’m going to share 3 Goals to set so that you can make sure your finish 2016 strong, but first, how do you set your Goals?

Goal as Defined by Wikipedia:
“A goal is a desired result that a person or a system envisions, plans and commits to achieve.”
Most of us set our personal and business goals before the first of the year, hoping that we can achieve them within the next twelve months.
We often set these goals via writing them down, committing them to memory or as some of us do, just pull a goal out of thin air with not much thought to it.
So how do you set your goals?
Did you:
  • Analyze the last year’s worth of data and set a goal via the results?
  • Look at your current situation and “dream” of where you wanted to be?
  • Set attainable goals, knowing that you would reach them with very little added effort?

Although there are not any exact rules to setting goals, a goal should be challenging, but attainable with effort.


At every New Years gathering, everyone in my family sets three individual, personal goals by writing them on a piece of paper, folding them up, and placing them all in an envelope– not to be opened until the next year.

This makes a very interesting conversation when the envelope is opened the following year.

Goals are more often reached when the goal is shared with others and with much greater success when having an accountability partner.

An accountability partner is a person who coaches someone in terms of having them keep the commitments they have established for themselves.

Goals and plans, 3 example areas:

A. If you are a runner and would like to run a marathon you would:

  • Set a plan to run certain amounts of mileage during the months leading up to the race.
  • Utilize a training log for mileage.
  • Have a running partner for those days your body does not want to get out of bed to run
  • Join a running club

B. Becoming Debt Free:

  • Write and stick to a budget
  • Use cash instead of credit cards
  • Work a second job
  • Sell things that you no longer need
  • Start your Auto Drip

C. Business Goals:

  • Know you numbers.
  • Plan for the unexpected
  • Have a business plan
  • Set monthly, quarterly, yearly goals
  • Have accountability partner/mentor

I have mentioned these three goals because I have lived them and have attained them with a plan.

My marathon run: It all started trying to lose weight.  Goals were achieve when I ran my first 5K race then I advanced to longer races eventually setting a goal I never would have dreamed of attaining years earlier.

Becoming debt Free: If you read one of my earlier blog posts it was about being the busiest broke contractor.  I was frustrated as money came in and went out even faster.  Budgets, small goals, and keeping a plan, we achieved being debt free two years ago and are still today.  It’s a good feeling. 

Business Goal:  Running a small business is very rewarding and often a little frustrating.  My business did well, but I was tired and had bigger plans for myself and the business. However, with me still working along side my crews everyday, I was limiting my growth.

I needed a plan.

  • I hired a coach to assist, because it’s a whole lot less expensive than learning these lessons on your own.
  • I joined a group of like minded individuals who held me accountable.
  • I changed what needed to change, somethings were uncomfortable.
  • I reluctantly embraced technology (it was needed).
  • I set weekly, monthly and yearly goals.
  • I analyzed everything, with assistance.
  • I was open for change.

Is it time for you to adjust your goals or set new ones?

Maybe it’s time to make your goal to go through all of our DYB System courses in the DYB Café which includes access to our members only DYB Community Facebook Group.

For just $37 a month, (less than a gallon of premium paint), end 2016 as your best year ever!



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About the Author

Ron Ramsden is the owner of the successful Ramsden 1-800-PAINTING, who implemented the DYB SYSTEM, and crushed it in 2015, and now coaches other painting contractors around the nation to do the same.