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Commercial Contractors: How to Get Additional Work Approved so There’s Zero Miscommunication

Hey guys, Greg Miller here from Green Pro Painting and DYB Coach.

Today I want to talk to you about additional work for a commercial painting project.

Every single company that you work for, as a general contractor issues a contract as I covered in my earlier video.

Typically, they can be up to 200 pages per contract.

One of the things that they reference in there is what their procedure is for additional work.

A lot of people get caught up with this, and then they are costing themselves thousands of dollars on a job site, this has happened to us before, and we have refined our systems to get better and better as we go along.

Our latest version is something really simple, something that you can go to staples and get.

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Most companies will ask you to have prior authorization for an additional work order.

If you are billing out something that is a specific price, you send them the price for that, they send you the approval, and then you carry out the work.

For this, you need to have a signature of verifying that you’ve carried out this work…

So, one of the things that we’ve done is we’ve added these triple covering copy forms so that we are able to re-distribute those.

Most of the time, on a job site, a superintendent is not able to sign any financial-type documents, so you can only verify field hours.

What we use these particular forms for, are to field hours for our guys that work on a specific thing.

If we are billing by the hour, or also for the job that we may have just done for a price.

We just stamp them with our information, they have 3 copies, there is a white, a yellow, and a pink, the pink is typically left with the job site, the yellow is for our field manager, and the white is for the office.

This way, when we go to submit our billing for an additional work order, everything is all there, we verify the hours, and we do not proceed with work without written approval from the person that is responsible and capable of signing for that particular work.

Usually, on a project, that would be your project manager, not the superintendent. So, if you want to save yourself thousands of dollars on a job, make sure that you follow the contract’s specific process for additional work.

One of the ways to do that is to get one of these carbon copies, field verified hours with the superintendent. Make sure that you have written approval from the project manager on a job.

If you have any direct questions for me, again, my name is Greg Miller from DYB coach, and my email address is

Thanks for stopping in, I appreciate you!

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