I’ve always been a fan of software, being able to leverage my time and increasing net profits.

Here at DYB Coach, we recommend best job management software around…

Yes, It’s Basecamp.

Below are 3 reasons to start now, I mean now!

1. Job scope and hours all in one place.  

Ever have to show up to a job just to explain what needs to be done?  

My crews know what to do on the job before it starts.

How much time would that save you?  Could your crew start the job without you?


Bcamp Scope of work.

Sample Scope of Work


2.  Checklists and systems!  

Pre-build it in Basecamp with your templates.

Here is a sample template I use in my business to make sure we get everything into our “Job Folder”.

What would you put into your template?  Separate one for interior? Exterior?

Bcamp Template ESP


3. Daily job reports which you can share with your clients!

I require reports from my crews daily.  I usually get reports when my crew leaders get home after work.


Basecamp tells me what’s going on, what they need, when they think they will finish the job. I then forward the email to the client and let them know how the job is progressing and to answer any questions.


I always get an excited reply!


Our clients love the updates.

We also use the pictures to point out things that have been discussed with our clients.

We need to protect our business, employees and the client.  Perfect way to document issues, agreements, and use it for a “CYA”!


Bcamp Daily Report ESP




Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 3.58.22 PM




Bcamp - Daily reports ESP




I would highly encourage you to start today even if you think you or your employees can’t learn this technology.

Believe me when I say this is EASY.

Our learning curve was about 2 weeks.


Once we were out of the learning curve we started asking our crew leaders what they should be putting on Basecamp.  I put their suggestions into our systems and had immediate buy in!  You can do it too!


Need help?  

The 30 Hour Work Week  has exact instructions on how to start using this amazing software program today, along with a video where April walks you through the process.


Need extra help?  

A DYB Coach is a great way to get the ball rolling,  and this is the extra push I needed to implement this system. I’m so glad I did, as well as many others like Larry here, and you will be, too…



Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 5.44.19 AM


Just click my head to shoot me an email…

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About the Author

Owner of ESP Painting, Jeff was coached by Steve for over a year before being certified as a DYB Coach. He continues to operate his successful painting business as well as coaching other painting contractors to DYB their business.

Ron Ramsden - December 19, 2015


Thanks for the walk thru. All though we use this for our crews, we do not use it to this extent and I will be changing TODAY.

Thanks for being so descriptive with this.

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