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DYB Podcast EP87 How to Dominate Your Target Market WITHOUT Paying for Advertising OR LEADS – PART 2



Is your community a raving fan of your business?

Last week we published part 1 in the series of how you can dominate your target market WITHOUT paying for leads or advertising.

By implementing these strategies, not only CAN you, your community will be THANKING you after you implement these strategies and they will become raving fans of your business.

We are not against ADVERTISING, we are against paying for advertising. When we talk about ABA’s, we are referring to ads that look like Anything BUT Advertising. ABA’s is Step 6 in the DYB System (of 9 Steps to Double Your Business).


This is the 2nd part in our series: How to Dominate Your Target Market WITHOUT Paying for Advertising or LEADS.

Let’s talk about strategies 6-11, so you, too, can dominate your target market WITHOUT paying for ads or leads WHILE creating raving fans within your community.


We will bring you what to do AND tell of many examples and RESULTS from those who have implemented these strategies.


*Again, each of these strategies is discussed in the DYB Community Facebook Group. There are also courses with checklists and step by step instructions on how to go about implementing these amazing strategies for DYB Members in the DYB Cafe. Not a DYB Member? Join today!

Let’s do this!


  • Details on how to implement the strategies for becoming a lead generating machine, WITHOUT paying for advertising or leads
  • Case studies on contractors who implemented the strategies
  • Convincing details and steps to gain trust, build momentum, and grow your business while having fun with your community
  • The 2nd set of strategies you won’t want to miss!



01:46 If you’re wrapping vehicles, if you have service vehicles on the road, don’t fill them up with a bunch of design. You only have like a split micro-second to grab somebody’s attention and communicate instantly who you are, what you do. Boom. So keep it clean.

05:43 You do these awesome things. You change a person’s life. You add value to your community and your team feels better about themselves. And again, your name continues to spread. Genesis up in New York, he says, “Just got the newspaper, the article’s full page! Completely free! Talk about ABAs! It’s awesome! And ABA is what we refer to as anything but advertising. Because we don’t believe in paying for ads.

09:11 Ads that look like Anything But Advertising and it just keeps going. And so what the (Facebook) contest is, it’s like, “Hey, take a picture of our car. Tag us; you score a can of cookies.”  Chris Eaton, he’s an awesome insurance rep in Venice and he takes it a step further. When he finds the vehicles, he goes up there and he records a video. He says, “Show me the cookies!” Everybody really enjoyed that –easy, easy way to give value to the community. Have fun and just continue to get your name out there and dominate your market without paying for ads.

12:17 I grabbed this (post) and, and it says, “Best painters ever! After pictures coming soon, but first- this. Final walk around yesterday with Jeffrey Sommers of ESP Painting Oregon. Not only was he intent on making sure everything was perfect with our exterior paint and stain job, he also gave me a card with all the paint colors listed (so thoughtful) and a “Gratitude” paint can filled with cookies from Blue Moon bakery. Seriously?? Beyond impressed.” That’s awesome. Easy, easy, fun ways to give value and stay out there. And Jeff, like the others, is dominating his market without paying for advertising.

12:56 Set a new record. Okay. So this is one of my favorite ones, because it was fun is creative. And so, now, as you’re looking through this, you say, well, this might not be for me. And so you may be tempted to drop a C bomb, but please let me encourage you just to ask how, how can you, what’s something you’re passionate about that you may be able to follow this strategy, right? So that you can receive all the exposure that we did. Okay. So again, ask how– what’s something that you’re passionate about, that you can do what I’m about to show you –set a new record.

23:22 They’re going to come up to you and say, “Hey, congratulations. One thing I find interesting is that everybody knows you, but I’ve never seen you advertise.” Yeah.

33:05 So keep doing good things, right? Think of some other charities, some other things that you can be putting out there and then you can be giving value to your community because the law of reciprocity is true, through and through. So the more value you give out there, the more you help out, the more handsomely you will be rewarded. And more likely and quickly you will dominate your market and they’ll come up to you, too. And they’ll say, “Hey, congratulations! (when you’ve been awarded Business of the Year) But one thing I find interesting, is everybody knows you, but I’ve never seen you advertise either.”


01:46 Strategy 6: Unique Vehicle, Clean Design

03:08 Strategy 7: Pay-It-Forward/Paint-It-Forward 2.0

07:38 Strategy 8: Facebook Contests – “Capture the Vehicle”, “How many gallons?”, etc. win Gourmet Cookie in a Paint Can

12:56 Strategy 9: Set a New Record

16:45 Strategy 10: The Club

18:33 Strategy 11: iClass




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