EP 123 : DYB Mastermind Secrets


Is this episode we answer:

00:00 Stepping out, creating a solid environment, and successful hiring.

03:49 Winning projects in winter, securing historic theater jobs.

08:43 Restaurant owner declines offer to promote business.

09:45 Seeking advice on painting cabinets without a shop.

14:38 Professionalism elevates customer interactions and improves efficiency.

18:15 Seeking feedback on buying a used truck/van.

19:49 Vehicle longevity, financial choices, and branding considerations.

24:55 Value of on-site color consultant for free.

27:03 Negotiate deals with new decorators for referrals.

30:28 Comparing payment processing fees and exploring alternatives.

34:27 Integrated phone tracking system for $100/month.

38:07 Seeking confidence and clarity through the process.

39:58 Successful freelance work, high rates, repeat clients.

43:31 Networking is important for meeting influential people locally.




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About the Author

As a newly single father of two from MI, he struggled to start over as a paint contractor in FL, going door to door. His situation was so bad, even the IRS had mercy on him.

 Feeling completely hopeless, he remembered the story of King Solomon praying for wisdom. Could it be so easy? 

He felt he had absolutely nothing to lose. So, as a bankrupt, divorced, high school dropout, single father of 2 young kids, now living 1250 miles away from all friends and family, started to pray for wisdom.
 And while he continues to wait for the wisdom to arrive, what did come was an insatiable desire to learn and read books… 
Thanks to God for giving him the burning passion to read books, and attend seminars, (oh and winning the wife lottery) he not only cracks the success code and overcomes the struggle, but also streamlines his painting business in less than 3 years, published a how to book, then sold the company. Now he leads a business coaching company for painting contractors so he can help other businesses, like yours, to do the same. Hear more... http://www.DYBCoach.com/01 Or JoinDYB.com