The New Mindset for Hiring Painters

The New Mindset for Hiring Painters

I think you’d agree that It’s never been as hard as it is today to find painters to hire.

In fact, this is the new market share you’re truly competing for.

Unless you’re a new company, customers are plenty.

Most guys are already booked out 2-3 months. Which brings us back to our true problem to solve, production capacity.

Your ability to double your business is in direct proportion to your ability to staff up.

But in order to do so, you need to change your mindset. I know it’s a grind to find new painters now, but most of it is in your head.

The grind you are feeling is the lack of painters, not the actual effort put into looking for them.

Granted you’ve probably placed a hiring ad on Indeed, FB, and CraigsList, but…

Consider the effort you put in to look for customers…

  • Branded T-shirts & hats
  • Branded vehicles
  • Website
  • Blog post
  • BNI
  • Chamber
  • Rotary
  • Facebook posts
  • Instagram posts
  • Community involvement
  • Staying top of mind to your customers
  • Etc…

(I hope you’re not paying for leads )

You then take the leads from all of these sources and collect them into your CRM (Customer Relationship Manager):


  • You pre-qualify them to make sure they are your target market.
  • You schedule the estimate.
  • You measure and present your estimate.
  • You ask for the job.
  • If not yet closed on the spot, you schedule a time to follow up.
  • You send a thank you card after the estimate.
  • Rinse and repeat.

If it’s the hardest it’s ever been to find painters and customers are plentiful,

shouldn’t you be working as hard or harder finding painters than you are finding customers?

I’ll say it again,

Hiring painters is the new market share you are competing for.

You must pivot your “Build the List” mindset from customers to “Build The List” of applicants.

Here’s the new hiring ratio 25 – 5 – 3 – 1

You need 25 applicants to get 1 interview.

You need to interview 5 people to hire 1 person.

You need to hire 3 people before you find the 1 All-Star.

If you do the math, that’s 1 All-Star for every 375 applicants!

That’s a lot I know…

That’s why you must Build The List (of applicants), now!

Start with your current marketing channels and grow from there.

  • Business card w/ Now Hiring!
  • Branded T-shirts & hats w/ Now Hiring!
  • Branded vehicles w/ Now Hiring!
  • Website w/ Now Hiring!
  • Blog post about what it’s like to work at your company
  • Video Testimonials from your current painters about their experience working for your company
  • BNI commercial with “The perfect person we’re looking for is…”
  • Chamber network for people to hire
  • Rotary network for people to hire
  • Facebook posts with videos and stories of your team having a great time working for your company
  • Instagram posts with videos and stories of your team having a great time working for your company
  • Community involvement – Find and participate in job fairs
  • Staying top of mind to your customers – Email your customers thanking them for all of their referrals and say, “Oh, by the way, we really need more great people on our team!”
  • Etc…

Be a Head Hunter and Build the List of Painters.

This is what we have been focused on all winter with our Mastermind Group members and many of them have a long list of applicants already built up.

Think of it as a CRM for applicants.

When spring hits, your competitors are going to walk outside, see the sun shining and realize that they are booked out for a few months and they need to place a hiring ad.

But not you; you now have the new hiring mindset
and have built the list of applicants to call on to staff up and

…the list continues to grow.

Now you can break through the ceiling of production capacity.

Hiring is a big problem that I don’t see going away anytime soon.

However, as an entrepreneur, you’re a problem solver.

As businesses grow and markets shift, you’re presented with new problems.

This never goes away.

When you solve one problem, it reveals a new problem.

Decide to be a problem-solving head-hunter and grab this bull by the horns today and build the list!

If you’d like to know the tech stack used to streamline your list-building process, book a quick call with me here.

Dream BIG, Hustle Smarter,
You’ve Got This!

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