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Transcript :

[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to DYB Mastermind. Our mission is to build a million dollar businesses so that we can have financial freedom, time for our families, and make an impact in our communities. Let’s kick it off with some big wins and short intros. Alex Bowman, lead the way please. All right, I’m Alex Bowman.

I’m from North Salt Lake City, Utah. I own Elk Country Paints. We do cabin restoration and interior exterior painting. We sleep in the forest a lot of times, stay on job sites, and have a unique niche. There’s about three or four contractors within the 500 square miles I live in. That do what I do, so we’re in high demand and all busy working and sleeping on the forest ground all the time.

So that’s a little bit about me and my big win this week is that culture really does work. I unfortunately lost an employee who walked off my job about a week and a half ago and it was devastating to me. I. When I first met him, I thought he was an all star. I thought he was going to be the perfect addition to my team and he worked for six months super hard And I now [00:01:00] realized that he was only actually 70 percent of the culture not a hundred percent And that 70 percent was the hard work was the dedication was everything like that, but the 30 percent Was the most important key part of that and that’s what he did not possess and so he was trying to fit in and faking it the whole time trying to get there and he finally realized it wasn’t going to work for him.

And the biggest When I got out of that whole thing was I realized where I went wrong in my interviewing process and not identifying that 30 So the biggest win though is that now that he’s gone my production is up The moral of my team is up and it’s going great. We’ve been knocking stuff out things aren’t being delayed I noticed the attitude of the other guys is Excellent.

That’s my big win and my introduction for the week That is fantastic. Okay. I’m sorry, guys. I should have saved him for last. You’ve got to follow that. Let’s see. That’s odd. No, seriously, Alex, that’s [00:02:00] fantastic. Well done. Way to lead. And way to take ownership, too. And all of that. I didn’t hear any blame at all.

Thank you. Josh Strange, you’re up. My name is Josh Strange. I own Stuller Painting. We are in Fort Worth, Texas. Not to be confused with Dallas, Texas. We are not Dallas. And we are been around for about two years now. We do interior, exterior, painting, cabinet, painting. Painting and we do residential with some light commercial big wins this week.

I feel like I made a few strides with just moving the needle in my business, which feels really good. And so I felt like I was Getting involved with just busy work with, just doing the estimates and doing the production. I think I brought that to the group a little while ago.

And I really took a step back and took some, a good amount of time, a couple hours to like really review my calendar and really review how I’m using my time and was able to free up some good space and create some blocks [00:03:00] for important. Sessions like where I’m actually working on the business and I was able to free up that time and Had a few sessions already like flow sessions jam sessions and they’ve been really helpful and just mindset and really knowing where i’m going and just realigning myself with all those the important things every single week.

And so that’s a big win. It’s been, that’s really big. Yeah. And we talked about a little bit during our call jam sessions are the key to working on your business and building a business. And it’s fantastic way to go, way to make those a priority and get them done because those are the most effective time to learn your business.

So that’s great to hear. Thank you, Alex Garcia. Hi, good morning. My name is Alex Garcia and I own and operate the new man painting in beautiful sunny San Diego. I have a 2 crew where 1 crew 2 employees currently, and we only do [00:04:00] residential repaints. Interior and exterior just a hangout cabinets when customer ask and yeah, so we’re a small business here in San Diego and the big wins for me, it’s just keeping the steady for a crew full time and that’s about it right now.

Okay, we’re done. Good deal. Glad to hear it. And thank you, Alex. Jamie.

Thank you, mute.

I got it. I’m Jamie from Beach City Painting. I’m the owner, and we’ve been in business since 2017. And just we’re focusing on residential and a little bit of commercial painting, but into next year’s. We do cabinets. Pretty much our big wins for this, over the last couple of weeks is just solidifying our calendar.

Recently we had merged with another company. We acquired that company and so far it’s been quite an eye opening experience. 1 of the things that we noticed is so they had 2 different [00:05:00] philosophies. I think part of the philosophy was. They don’t really do much pay for leads and that’s something that I have been part of and still am somewhat, but I’ve been trying to decrease that.

And 1 of the big wins is I’m noticing that, as they’ve come together with these 2 companies we’ve noticed that their customer base has been been able to sell those jobs a little easier, and the name has been built up a little bit more. And we’re not having to compete as much for companies.

So it’s been quite an enjoyable experience and we’ve landed a bunch of jobs over the last few weeks and it’s been really nice to fill out our calendar and getting out, quite a bit with actually just in the last couple of weeks, we’ve probably filled out at least a month of work. And it’s been awesome.

Yes, sir. Fantastic. And I’m really glad to hear that. Thank you, Jamie. All right, Tony. Welcome. Intro and big wins, please. My name is Anthony Morales. I started my [00:06:00] business like two years ago. I started with working with a company for painting in the area. And I, and later on in the few years, I started doing side jobs.

And people were starting to call me for more jobs to do for the clients. And in two years, I decide I cannot do both work for a company and work for myself. So I just went. And work for myself. And right now we are doing so far good. We do residential and commercial and we also paint cabinets and like roof to like pretty much about everything about painting.

And for big wins, I use a beta small job that is really small and I’m going to make another estimate and it seems like I’m going to get it because it’s a referral from another client. And you [00:07:00] want to make a budget, but yeah, so far we are doing great. Right on. Fantastic. Glad to hear that. And glad to have you.

So next are one things. What’s the one thing we can do such that make everything else easier and or unnecessary to help you to double your business faster? Alex Bowman. All right. For all you guys that are in commercial painting maybe you can help me with this being that I do cabin restoration, we do sandblasting and all kinds of dangerous stuff.

We’re up high and scaffolding on the edge of cliffs on mountainside, stuff like that. I’ve been really thinking about OSHA and the safety part of my company, not losing guys, not, I have my workman’s comp go up and nothing like that. I’ve been considering adding a safety member to my team who actually makes the plans.

Everything like that goes over and monitors everybody, but I’m not sure if that will hurt my finances if it’s quite worth it or if what to do. So I wanted to get some ideas from you guys on what you think about that. So a full time safety consultant. [00:08:00] Remember a part time. Yeah, part time.

Yeah. Okay. So while it would be incredibly helpful. I don’t know that it makes if the numbers pencil out for you at this point. But there are excellent safety programs out there that put the whole program together for you. And you sit down and you watch a video and fill out some forms with your team.

They answer the questions and they sign off on it so you can document the training as well. In case Uncle Osha, or anybody decides to, drop in. I forget the name of it off the top of my head here on the spot, but I can pull that up for you. And it’s a lot cheaper than bringing a, somebody on the payroll.

Awesome. Thank you. Okay. You’re welcome. Any other thoughts for Alex guys? I was just going to say, I feel like even whenever I like worked at Lockheed, it was very much they had safety guys, but they weren’t, they didn’t really do a whole lot that safety training didn’t do. I feel like you can get.

Everything you [00:09:00] need from training and learning about how to be safe and just being reminded of it safety guys ended up just being like the annoying, like in the background, Hey, are almost like a, an unneeded supervisor that, so I feel like, yeah, probably to back up Steve, I feel like it’d probably be helpful just to do some sort of program or training as opposed to hiring someone on awesome.

Thank you. Yeah. I’m glad you’re thinking about it though. It’s very responsible. Okay, Josh, you’re up. Yeah. So my one thing is a sales question. And I, maybe I should, I haven’t gone through the DYB portion of the sales portion of the DYB cafe. So hope I’m not asking a question that may be a little redundant for you.

But one of the things that I think my sales rate right now is about 40%. It was a little higher a couple of weeks ago, cause I’ve had a slow couple of weeks. But one of the things that I’ve, even whenever it’s been a little higher, one of the things that I’ve struggled with [00:10:00] is selling on the spot and and asking for the business.

So I was curious, just. Yeah, if we could talk about that a little bit selling on the spot, I know a few of the things, proof, using the video testimonials and one of the things I heard recently was proving your, making, giving proof that you Are the best for the job.

And, about your team and being able to brag on your teams. I thought that was good, but just even just like asking for the business what’s a good way to do that? What’s a good how you can ask that question without, sounding a little sleazy. Hey, that’s a great question.

I appreciate that. So real quick, that’s, this is why I have the one the estimated sales scores. In fact Anthony signed up for it. So he’s going to go on through it because it’s a deep dive, right? And I’d love to go over all of it right now. But one, we wouldn’t have enough time and nobody else would be able to take their turn.

But let’s hit like some of the key points for you. And I believe your question was like, how do you ask for the sale without seeming sleazy? Great question. What you do is well, one, you just don’t [00:11:00] be sleazy and you genuinely ask for the sale essentially. So it comes from your motive. Okay. Now it sounds simple and we can all laugh at this, but really it comes from your heart and your motive.

If you just want to close a sale, it’s going to come across lazy because you care about yourself. Okay. But we’ve talked about this before. You have a moral obligation. If you know that there are other contractors out there who lie, cheat, and steal, you have a moral obligation to help them to see that you are the best choice for them, that your team will provide the best honest experience for them.

Once you come from that place, then it’s a genuine request. And it says, Josh, I really like you, love this project. There’s no doubt in my mind that our team provide the best experience for you. May we have the job, please?

Yes. Did that sound sleazy? Now I’m caffeinated, right? So it may have been a little faster than when you would be there at a meeting. And sometimes I was caffeinated when I rolled into those meetings, which is great if they were high D, right? You want to peg their personality type.

But that answers my question. Yeah. Just like asking straight up man, I have the [00:12:00] business. Yeah. Think about this, Josh, when we were on a call. Okay. And you were sharing some of your struggles and I was working to listen to what they truly were, help you serve you and give you some answers, some direction.

Okay. And then because I knew that we would make a difference together, one to one coaching, I asked for the business. Yeah. I said, Hey, let’s work together. I forget what the words were, but when I asked, it didn’t sound sleazy, right? I didn’t come off I was in it for the sale or trying to sell a car.

I’m guessing that you got the impression that I truly cared and I sincerely believe that I could help you grow faster. Would you agree? It was all about the place where we’re coming from. Not so much what we say, but how we say it and why we say it. Yeah,

helpful. All right. Let’s peel it back a little bit. What else is there? Because it’s not because there’s usually a few layers to what’s in the way, right? I want to peel a couple of those back and just really bring this home for you. Yeah. What do you mean? What else is there? Okay.

After what I’ve shared, you feel like, oh, thanks, Steve. I can go out and ask everybody now. [00:13:00] Or are there a few other concerns? Reservations that you have. I don’t know if there’s reservations. I don’t feel like I don’t feel like a hesitation to ask. I just not really sure how to do it with, because I want to make sure I’m, if I have a good estimate where I feel like, because maybe give you a little bit of a. Context. I usually ask at the end, just some questions.

Cause it helps me get an idea. One. Did I help out every way I can also, where are you with this? What’s the real issue? Why aren’t you going with me today type thing. And almost always they. I got every single thing they asked for almost above and beyond. Like they’re like, you were very thorough.

You got everything. Okay. It’s not that it’s not that I missed something and also just how they say it. If they’re like, yeah, no, you didn’t, you got everything. They always say they trust me and trust my team. They’re always like, no, we’d absolutely trust you to do the job. [00:14:00] Every single time it’s based on price or they have Yeah.

It’s just a lot higher. You’re about 2000 more than everyone else. Okay. Usually people and I’ve always had a hard time. It’s yeah, I get that. If I had something where I trusted someone and I wanted to go with them, but they’re 2000 more yeah, I’m gonna, I want to think about that before I just jump in because it’s a lot, it’s a lot of money, we’re spending a lot of money on the project.

So I’ve always felt weird at after all that being like, okay can I have the business, yeah. So there’s just a, and just knowing how I do that, if that makes sense, is that helpful? Yep. Absolutely. This helps. Thank you. So you haven’t directly asked, but they have in so many words said, thank you.

We’ll think about it. So if that’s the case, then it doesn’t make sense to ask after that. It wouldn’t be sleazy because you’d be pushing for them without answering any of their concerns. Okay. At this point, if it looks like, or feels like it comes down to price, we give it a bubble line, take ownership, and we ask ourselves, okay.

How can I communicate more value? It’s not about the cheaper prices, but how [00:15:00] can I communicate more value? If it’s about the cheaper price, you’re stuck. There’s nothing you can do about it because it’s their fault. But if we say, okay, how can I communicate more value? Now we take ownership, right? It’s our fault.

Once it’s our fault. We believe that anyway, we take that position. Now we have the power to change it. It’s okay, how can we communicate more value? You ready? Let’s walk through the whole do ready system. There’s a lot there. All right. But most of that is about communicating more value upfront. Everything from making sure you get your three Ps nailed to your website conversion funnel laid out.

Exactly. Okay. To, generating referrals and then crushing ABAs and especially video testimonials with the scarce with the social proof to prove routine provides the best experience and then show them the production calendar. Scarcity. And then what you do is you stack the closes at the end.

Okay, you show them the production calendar after you’ve done the video testimonials. And then then you just, say, look, I’ve got an opening here in three weeks. Or just say you want it done in three weeks. If you’d be willing to sign with me now, I will also be happy to take it. If points are [00:16:00] important to you or fun for you, I’d be happy to take a credit card with no extra charge.

Because a lot of people charge for credit cards. I will also, if you sign today. Include a designer to help you to pick out the colors so that you get the perfect color. You don’t make any mistakes. You don’t regret any of this. And believe me, you don’t want me helping you. I’m not a decorator. My wife won’t even let me help decorate.

Okay, make a big joke about it. I know it’s true for me. And then I forget the third one. There’s a third one. I’ve got this all well some of that laid out in the sales course, the closes anyway, but you want to stack the closes, if you will, the bonuses for them, if they sign right now, then you just, it’s really important though, that you preface it with the video testimonials and the calendar, the social proof and scarcity close is the most powerful.

And then you just add to it with the decorator. And the no credit card fees. Now, I forget there’s another there’s another one that comes to me. I’ll interrupt everybody and say, oh, here it is. I remember after that. Okay. The idea is to set yourself up for that. Such included on the spot. I’ve walked through this.

Okay. No, granted, I have everything else built out in the system [00:17:00] and I’ve walked through that presentation. Video testimonials scarcity with the production calendar included decorator and no extra charge credit card, no extra fee and would close them even. Even no exaggeration when another guy was outside waiting for his turn.

So I walked out the door and they waved him off. Forget it. We went with Brent. I felt bad for him. I won’t say name of his company, but it’s a franchise that a lot of people don’t like for the guy, waved off out the door.

Yeah, but if you do that, but you got to build up all the value because you’re marketing done right. There’s a selling for you.

Okay, I do think that if you guys don’t mind basically 1st off, I’m going to back up Steve on the S main class. It really made me 10 times more confident in what I was doing. That and having a good estimating system is another 1 that gives you a lot of confidence. But the number 1 thing that I experience when I go to a bid when I have a problem with price.

Is that the [00:18:00] customers under the impression that painters are all the same and so when you can show your level of integrity, when you can show your level of honesty and dedication to quality. That is a big way to provide a lot more value and start separating in their mind the basic bids from someone who really cares about what they’re doing.

So that’s another tip. I would add to that. Absolutely, thank you for that. Alex. Appreciate it. Any other thoughts for Josh here before we move on? Yes, I would like to chime in a little bit and just back up what you’re saying, Steve. It is I think something that I can maybe perceive on Josh is yeah, where you’re touching the confidence.

So I think everything starts from the initial touch, right? From the call, because if you’re hesitating how to ask or question yourself, how can I do it is because you’re not feeling the confidence. And I think if we present. A good estimate, a good walk through the project, have all the questions and especially if the customers [00:19:00] say that you are the right fit and they’re pretty much go with you.

It’s just asking straight, then what’s holding you? If I’m, if I’m look the right company to do this project for you, what is holding you? What am I missing? Like you’re saying, Steve, it’s There’s, there should be something that is maybe very minimal used to ask and say what part of the, everything, if you ever, if the number looks good and if you’re the right cost, the right company to the job what is the last piece?

If you have that, then you can. Strictly as just say, when can I get you on the books? It’s all we need today is just to give a deposit and jump on the books. But I think, yeah, I just getting the confidence from the initial touch while. Drive the conversation of the estimate for you to make it easy, not doubting how to ask.

You’re just going to ask this expontaneously, I [00:20:00] think, because you can feel it, the energy around.

Dude, awesome. Thanks guys. For the sake of time, I’d love to talk sales. Like we’ve talked sales all day. I love that. Sales is the most fun aspect of building a business, right? Every time you close a sale. Yes. But we got to move on for the sake of time. Alex you’re up. Go ahead and keep going.

What’s your one thing, buddy? Okay. My one thing is just like I started we are busy right now. We are five weeks out right now on our schedule. But one thing that worries me it’s the I’ve been enjoying this last couple of weeks that I based on our last mastermind. I. Being with the guys working, making production.

So everything looks, looking amazing. We’re on task. We’re on times. So my worry is that I’m doing so much. That I haven’t work on getting more work. So what I got is what I got, and there is couple referrals that [00:21:00] I have. One estimate that I made last week. My question will be how you The pedal, the pedal on the gas, to stay hungry, to not be complacent where we are.

It’s just, if I have the dream of growing the business, my actions are telling the opposite. It’s just okay, I’m confident I’m okay with only two guys working 40 hours a week even myself sometimes just because I want to know because I need to how you get more hunger or how you keep the hunger and used to hunting every day to do calls, to do go post learning.

hangers, do something, to get the next job on the books. And sooner than later hire a second crew. So how can I get hungrier? This is a million dollar question, maybe multimillion. And for the multimillionaire, it’s the billion dollar [00:22:00] question. And so my point is this is tempting at every level.

Okay. I’ve dealt with this and struggled this level after level, right? And it’s like, all right, I got to stop being comfortable. Okay. I got to take it to the next level. And I saw a video, somebody was asking where’s Conor McGregor? He doesn’t fight anymore. What’s going on?

And somebody said he’s out on yachts and like race cars. He doesn’t. Want to get pounded in the face anymore. He doesn’t need to, maybe it’ll come back if somebody thinks I’m enough or something, but he makes too much money to come back and get beat on anymore. He’s comfortable, to your point, it’s what every level we get comfortable and it’s tough. It’s really hard to keep it going. One thing you can do is let’s walk through a thought exercise, shall we? And so what I want you to do in your mind’s eye is to think, okay, you’ve got six weeks of work. And nothing else has come in and I want you to really be present to this.

Nothing else has come in. We’ve got about 3 days left and the phone hasn’t been ringing because we haven’t hustled. In fact, Alex, we’ve we’ve goofed off so much down there in [00:23:00] semi San Diego with all the, all the shiny objects and tourist things to do that we’ve spent all our money.

So we spent all our money. We have about three days left, payroll for everybody is due. And not only that, we racked up the credit cards. So six weeks from today, credit cards are racked up. We’ve blown through all the money, some of it responsibly and a lot of, some of it not. We have three days left and we have payroll.

We have no. On the no leads to go look at. We have a few estimates that we did a few weeks ago, but they haven’t come through yet. Hold onto that. How does that feel?

Pardon me? I was muted. I just wanna cry. , I feel Okay. Hold onto that. Yeah, hold onto that. Okay. Because that’s gonna fan your flame to get to the next level. Okay? The drive to keep going. Does that make sense? Now it sounds simple, but it’s just a thought exercise of being present [00:24:00] to what’s going to happen if you don’t keep driving.

Thank you. Because it’s real. You’re welcome. Okay. These are some exercises I do when I get comfortable and we all go through it. Just know that just like my picture, right? Comfort zone, magic zone. You get in a magic zone long enough, you get comfortable again, but then you got to remember what’s coming down the pipe.

If we don’t keep that drive going. Okay. Great. Thanks so much. You’re welcome. We’ll be checking into you on the chat. Okay. What are you doing? It’s 3 a. m. What are you doing sleeping? Let’s go. And we can do that because we’re on the east coast and you’re on the west. That’s easy for us. Just some of us. Yes.

Okay. Thank you. You’re welcome. Any other? Pardon me? Thanks Steve. I said that was huge. Thanks Steve. And thanks Alex for asking the question. That was a good thing to think about. My pleasure. Jamie, how’s your drive? Just yesterday we finished this mag. I was flat. I saw it coming, but it’s something that I forgot about.

I’m sorry, Jamie. Pardon me. Let me time out. The audio is really hard. It’s difficult.

All right, how’s [00:25:00] that? Much better. Thank you. So we ran into a snag. This yesterday I found out not good news. We had a job that we had sold. The customer accepted and caught up in being busy. We didn’t get back to the customer in time and we didn’t scale it. I already know these are destroyed because I’ve been there.

Yes. I’m sorry, but then I’m trying to and this is what y’all did. You Messed me up for a few hours that last day. I was just nagging me. But so I called the guy and he’s Oh, you didn’t get back to us. I know we called him, but not following up again, not texting. I’m just trying to be in contact with them.

And just, it’s one of those things I’m it snags me so much. Good. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on to that. Okay. Even journal some of these mistakes. I journal them. I hold on to them because whenever we forget our mistakes, guess what we do? We repeat them. So to help you to not hold on to that angst and even journaling and grab it, write it down and I’ll have it come [00:26:00] up as a reminder for me, I use day one journal and like reminders.

I was like, Ooh, I remember that mistake. Oh, don’t want to do that one again. Yeah. So it’s good that you feel in that. Okay. So it serves you feelings or action signals. Yeah. Just a lot of work to put in. And then, it’s. I guess that’s the hard part of the business sometimes is you put in all this effort and sometimes it doesn’t pan out.

And wouldn’t call it a gamble, I know that I could get more business if I wanted to, by setting my standards lower, I don’t want to do that. I want, cause I feel like you’re just inviting more work and it’s going to be hard. I have a friend in the also the painter, he’s probably about two miles from me, a good friend of mine, but that’s his philosophy and.

We actually started working together. He he’s got, he actually got me independent. He bugged me for about a year to come work with him and I did. And then about a year later, I was like, no, this is not really my thing. Yeah, so I just keep it in my It was getting off track, but I don’t [00:27:00] know, just keeping standard is high priority for me and it seemed to work, but but yeah, the organization thing, going back to this customer drives me nuts.

And the first thing I did actually was I have a reminder task on my my CRM. I’m like, okay this is like top priority, because me and my assistant, I’m like, the biggest thing we should never do is let something slip through your fingers that it’s already given to you.

And it’s on it’s the plate it’s right there. So capitalize on it because it’s wasted money and it’s wasted time. And who wants to do that? Yeah. Yeah. Close the deal. We haven’t won it until we get it deposited. Exactly. Exactly. And even yesterday, same, the same thing happened. A client, their job got pushed back a full month and they didn’t communicate that to me.

And I get this call out of nowhere on the drive home. And I was like, And they’re like, we want to work with you. And I’m like, awesome. But the first thing I did is like, all right, let me schedule a call in 30 minutes. And when I got off the road and yeah, I called him directly on time. And then [00:28:00] the first thing after we went over this and everything is okay I’m going to send you the invoice.

Let’s get the deposit right away. That way we can get you on the calendar. Otherwise, we don’t have anything set in stone and right away. They put that deposit down and because they had the confidence and I don’t want to let that slip and let it keep going because I feel like taking action immediately is probably the most important thing.

Yeah, indeed. Right on. How can I help you?

How can I help?

I need someone to run my business. I think. Accountability. Accountability is a big one.

That’s the other thing I would say. The hardest thing we would, just the organization, just setting up a structure of, just getting back to it. It’s just. Setting up. It’s a longer subject, but how setting up your organization accountability and having a team philosophy and communicating that with everyone.

Okay, I’m gonna hit some high points just for the sake of time. This can be a couple hours or yeah. One [00:29:00] is make sure your tech stock. Is optimized. I’ll share the one we recommend. We have a flowchart for it. I’ll put it in your guys’s mastermind chat for you. Oh, by the way, Alex Bowman, I put the safety program a link to it in the chat for you guys after the meeting.

So it’s there. You can all check it out. So you want to optimize your tech stack. And then 2nd. Is you want to make sure. You optimize your time management skills and a huge portion of that are boundaries. All right, so we don’t take a customer’s call unless we can execute it properly. That’s for 1. and we got to make sure that our phone’s not blowing up things and that we have scheduled calls.

We have scheduled jam sessions and we honor those and we take breaks in between. Because. We can’t multitask. There’s no such thing as multitasking. In fact, there’s studies, I forget who, I’ve got a video of it, Darren Hardy showed that they did a study of people who multitask, their IQ drops 10 points.

People who smoke [00:30:00] marijuana, their IQ drops five points. So when you multitask, this is to everybody, not just people like you Jamie, when we multitask, We’re twice as dumb as a pot smoker, okay? For example, think about this, you guys. The next time you’re on the phone with somebody, and you don’t feel like you have their exact attention, just pause and listen, and just think, this kind of sounds like I’m talking to a pot smoker, because they’re, Huh?

What? Oh yeah. Where? Five of them. You know what I mean? There’s pauses and repeats and for multitasking. Our brain, it’s just context switching and slows us down. So here’s a fun exercise we’re going to do real quick to just drive multitasking home because it’s this important. Jamie, if you would do me a favor and count to 10 as fast as you can.

Ready? Go. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Awesome. Now I want you to say your ABCs to I as fast as you can. Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Awesome. I want you to say your ABCs from A to I as fast as you can. [00:31:00] A B C D E F G H I. Yeah, okay. Now, okay, so that was single tasking, right?

And you just knocked it out of the park. Here we go. Now I want you to alternate. I want you to go A, 1, B, 2 as fast as you can. Ready, go. Yeah. 1a, 2b, 3c, and it’s going to mess up. Awesome, right? That’s multi tasking. That’s our brain. My brain’s going, okay. So that’s a big part of time management and productivity.

And I’m obsessive about this. That’s why my phone doesn’t ring. Now I’m not saying your phone doesn’t ring. My business is a little bit different from my painting business, right? But. Certain times you shut it off when you’re in a meeting, you turn it off, no interruptions, right? And you schedule your day, zero interruptions, zero multitasking, time management, productivities, and a strong tech stack and optimized tech stack as well.

I’d say those are two of the biggest ones without doing a real deep dive as to what’s going on. Thanks. You’re welcome. Anthony, you’re up. My [00:32:00] question is how do you guys get more jobs right now? The jobs that I get, like I say in the beginning. It’s for referrals and like I go to work for a client and then they have their neighbor neighbors and they visit each other and they ask who paint their house, and they gave me, they gave them my phone number, and that’s how I get most of my work.

And I have a couple builders that I work for them, but that I use, right now my focus is growing more. And I tried to apply to a different builders and other construction areas, but they yeah, they they seem like they are not interested in working with me or they have their own people already that they already work with.

Awesome. So I have a couple of questions for you. One is, do you prefer working for contractors or directly to homeowner, directly to Mrs. Smith painting or living room? Right now I’m doing both, like for [00:33:00] homeowners and contractors. And that, in that’s. Like I want to be busy, so I, yeah, that’s what I like to do too.

Okay. Hold on. Please hear me. If I could, if we could wave a wand for you and say, you get to do all these types of jobs all the times and as many as you’d like, which one of those would it be?

Homeowners. Yes, sir. Yeah. Cause you can schedule them. They’re far more profitable. And when you’re done. Occasionally a touch up here and there, right? But there isn’t six callbacks because of the plumber, the electrician, the carpet guy, the cabinet guy, the roofing guy. What’s the roofing guy doing inside anyway?

Oh, he had to use the bathroom, but you get to touch it up for him, right? Yeah. Okay here’s what you do. Especially just getting started is you don’t have to quit them right away. You I’d like to see you get a lot more direct to homeowners. And so the first thing you need to do is step five in the system.

ABCDOS must always be connected. So this is networking, BNI, rotary, chamber, okay? And following that whole system you generate referrals, because when you get a referral, that’s a lot better and a lot easier to close [00:34:00] than a cold lead, right? For example we were talking about a safety program. Now, if Josh had gone online to Google and found safety programs, there might be 10 there.

He would have to use due diligence, right? He’d look at reviews, he’d call them, he’d have to talk to them. But, because I just referred one to him. The trust is there. It’s like instant trust because I vouch for them. Does that make sense? Same thing with referrals. So start networking. So important to start networking.

Alex was talking about it. That’s restart generating leads BNI first to get like instant leads and then go in chamber and rotary to build a higher value, but longer play leads. And then chamber is more of a branding play. A lot of information. And then also system. Okay. Stay top of mind, stay top of mind is the biggest mistake.

I made it for years. Stay top of mind your customer list. All right. So call one or two of them a day just to say hi. Don’t sell them. Just call to connect one or two a day. Connect with them on social media so that every time you post, they see you. They stay top of mind. And then also send them an email newsletter at [00:35:00] least once a month.

And then send them a card at least once a quarter. Not a postcard, right? Nobody who’s ever loved you has ever sent you a postcard. Anybody who cares about you, they send you a card with an envelope. So send them a card at least every quarter program. We like to a program that we like is send out cards.

It’s the best value out there. We haven’t found one that’s better yet. So you send them a card every three months, send them an email newsletter once a month connect them on social media and then call one to two customers a day just to say hi, because they’re already ready. You don’t have to sell them.

You just have to remind them. You’re still out there and you remind them by just calling and saying, hi, let me know you care about them. See how they’re doing. So generate referrals and stay top of mind. Okay. Okay. Okay. It might be a different mindset. It’s a different way to go. But trust me on this one.

I’m on the other side of this wall saying it’s worth it, man. Climb. Climb. It’s so much better over here. Oh, yeah. Okay. Okay. Any other questions? [00:36:00] Any other thoughts for Anthony, guys? Referrals, I’d say are, like Steve said, are the very best. And the best thing about referrals is it’s if you’re a minor and you’re chasing a vein, and all of a sudden it opens into a pocket.

There you got a little pocket, and they start referring you, and the pocket gets bigger and bigger. It’s snowballs over time and you keep up your integrity and your honesty one customer turns into 10 those 10 customers turn into 100 I mean it does and then pretty soon you’re not paying for any advertising You’re not paying for anything.

All you are having is people calling you refer to you. Your sales are up You’re booked out and it just it works excellent. So I just want to back up referrals are the way to go I am 100 referral business other than a little bit of posts I put on facebook, you know That may draw some customers but very little it’s more just to keep top of mind like steve said But if you can get referrals that valid for you, the sale is already yours pretty much Yes, sir.

Right on. Thank you. Alex. Any other thoughts for anthony guys? Yes, I will say to antonio to myself [00:37:00] cross the system and do it. Yes trust the dyb yeah, just trust the dyb I in just three one customer the one that you’re working right now a very special and You’re planting the seed and that customer like you’re saying it’s going to refer you but trust because you can get tempted very easily as you have the hunger right now to grow, to deviate from your purpose, from your path and just going crazy and start taking more jobs, especially with general contractors, it’s going to make a nightmare if you grow on that.

And now, more or equal the residential, you’re going to have a lot of nightmares. Just stick to this program, and trust it, and practice it. You can go, it’s better to go slow. And steady, then just go fast and stop. Yeah, just [00:38:00] that. Right on. I have a question. Does anyone ever just ask for ask for work, say a referral, say, do you know anyone right at the moment that, needs a painter after you’ve done the work, you clear the job, they’re happy.

And then do you have, do you know anyone that needs paint work and just ask? And sometimes they’re like my brother might, or so great question. During the testimonial process, so we didn’t keep referring back to the system. Step eight in the session. You ask three questions. You ask, how did you hear about us?

Do we do everything we say we do? On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely would you be to read for us? And the funny thing that happens, a lot of times, right on, while you’re recording, they say, oh yeah, you know what 10 in Joe Downs Street needs you, or my golfing buddy needs you painting.

Yeah, a lot of times asking those 3 questions during the video testimonial process. We’ll get a general referrals for you. So absolutely. Okay. Thanks. You’re welcome. You’re welcome. All right, gentlemen, let’s roll out with takeaways. Alex Bowman, lead the way, [00:39:00] please. I think we’re good. Hold on to that thought.

All right. We’re here. Some reason it doesn’t want to work. I’ll come back to you. All right, Josh Strange. Yeah, what Alex was asking about and Alex Garcia and what you were talking about, that was that was a really great thing to take away. Just Cause I, yeah, I think like you said, even just like every single level you get to, it’s really easy to just to get comfortable be like things are rolling now, you find out quick that things don’t just roll, you need some sort of engine, cars slow down, no matter how fast of an engine you got in it, yeah, so yeah, that’s, that was a really big takeaway. I’ll be doing that. Practice in that exercise here. Shortly, right on. Thank you for sharing to appreciate that. I remember the first time I felt this. I had two painters and I was booked up for two weeks. I was having breakfast with a friend. He’s what are you doing today?

I don’t know. Because what do you mean? You don’t know. He says I got a [00:40:00] couple of guys booked out to, we have two guys booked out two weeks. I’m good because you’re good. What do you mean? You’re good. You’re not even warmed up, man, but anyway, he shook me up and he helped me to see that don’t get comfortable because that’s going to be gone like that, and to think about it it was just two painters.

Busy for just two weeks. That was it so and then but it comes back. So to your point next level it comes back and that’s what we’re all here for right to keep each other going So, all thank you for sharing that. Josh. Yeah, i’ve got right now i’m looking i’ve got three weeks books with Three crews and i’m still like not feeling i’m still like i’ve got to get this thing filled out.

Yeah It’s there you go. Okay, we’re gonna walk through the exercise. No, but maybe I go through it. It’s just sit there for a minute and think about what would that feel like? And then if you want more drive, just keep adding more problems to it, the IRS shows up, the OSHA shows up, your wife says she was upset, bad or whatever, just keep pouring whatever on it for not taking action.

And then just keep fanning that flame before you know [00:41:00] it, you’ll be working 24 hours a day.

Okay, Alex Garcia, take it away please. Okay, I don’t know if Alex Fullman is ready or not. Oh, okay, sorry. So yeah, my biggest takeaway, I’m just gonna join Josh with the meditation, the exercise that you gave us just to keep the fire going every day. And I would just add that the journal, daily journal.

Yeah, cause I, I been circling this on my mind, I have to journal. I started, with this new update that Apple offers, journaling app, but I haven’t done it. And it’s just like. Not very consistent doing it. So I have to practice more days, add it to my meditation every day and just to keep the fire going.

So to your point I saw apples out too. I’m an apple fan, but I don’t want to share my deepest thoughts with apple now. So I [00:42:00] would rather move away. And so that’s why I use the day one app plus day one has the reminders of one year ago, three years ago, three years ago, and whatnot. So these reminders come up to us and things that I had shared with myself.

Now, granted, I’m sharing some stuff with them, but I trust day one more than I trust that book, even though I’m an Apple fan, but day one up day one. Yeah. So it’s like blue with the white bookmark in front of it. Okay. And okay. Josh has got it for you. Alex. He was holding that up. Okay. Yeah. Yep. I think it’s fantastic.

Thank you, Josh. Thanks, Steve. Sir. And you’re welcome. One more comment to about journaling. You guys is Jim Rohn. all the time. He said it was his most profitable, productive habit. I could never get into it until I realized just one thing. And if it helps you, I want to pass along. I realized that journaling is the highest level of thinking because it forces you to think linearly.

If we’re exercising or jargon or even having a conversation with somebody, we just we think in loops, right? We repeat it, go over it, repeat it, maybe add [00:43:00] something to it, repeat it, but journaling forces you to think linearly. From left to you gotta think it all out, and you don’t keep repeating the same thing over and over.

Does that make sense? So I believe journaling is the most productive thinking, most valuable thinking, way to think, and that’s what I use it for. Jamie, takeaways? Loving the journaling idea really big on and on board with that. It’s amazing how many times you write something down, even just the middle of the night thoughts that come into your brain, you just write it down.

And it’s just, it lays you, you’re just peaceful after that. And you don’t have to think about this thing. So I love it. I like the simplicity of asking for the job. I think that’s it’s something that. Sometimes you can get away from we try and be on the same system, but it’s a constant reminder that, there’s most people that are coming to reach out to you and they want you to work for them and hopefully that you guys connect.

Asking and making it simple. It’s not a, it’s not a really complex business. No, it’s not right. It’s sorry, go ahead. It’s not a complex business. [00:44:00] People want to hire you, they wouldn’t have called you in the first place in general, most people, but they’re giving you a shot.

And so asking simple. And business is a simple process. The problem is we’re in the way. I sent out a short email last week, I think it was that some it was a summary of what I heard Perry Marshall say something to the point that we’re not, we don’t have businesses with problems. We’re people with problems who have businesses.

Yeah, because I was like, business is just one thing after another. It’s a process, right? We’ve got all these, like, all this stuff in the way for people with problems who have businesses. And so if we just keep taking care of our problems our businesses will grow. Yeah, very good. Thank you, Jamie. All right, Anthony, take aways.

Oh, no, for me, it’s just to try to use the D. Y. B. System. And see how it’s going to help me like you were saying, try to focus like with homeowners, [00:45:00] and we will see how that will work but I still have the feeling that, I don’t know, I would like to stay both to like in residential and commercial, and I don’t know.

Maybe I’m going to have to work with you or see what would you advise me to do and go from there. But yeah, you guys have any quick thoughts from here before we I see some, I’m sorry, we can first step would be join mastermind. And then so you can keep rolling. Yeah, I would say would be my first advice.

Yeah. Okay. All right. Here you go. Alex Bowman closes out your takeaway, sir. I just want to say that my takeaway from every meeting from this meeting has brought me to this and it’s how important masterminds are mastermind groups are for success. Human relationships are the key to building success and a mastermind group is such a great network for answering questions.

If we [00:46:00] weren’t all here today, we’d still be stuck with our problems. Now, not only is my problem that I came. With answer, but everyone else’s problems that I didn’t even think of. I now have answers for, so it’s just how important these meetings are. They’re really great and I highly recommend to anybody to join and become part of this group.

That’s so awesome. I appreciate that Alex just for fun. We solve problems. You didn’t even know you had right? I heard you correctly. That’s right. Yeah. Okay. I appreciate that very much. And it’s you guys. That make it happen. The only thing that I really do is pre qualify and make sure that fill up with good guys and keeps the rest of my culture strong and productive.

And so obviously you guys are all. Fantastic, guys. And out of all my mastermind groups, you’re one of my favorites. You say that to all your mastermind groups. That’s true.

I listen to the podcast and I haven’t heard that he says this to this, so I’ll take it. I’ll take it.

I said, you’re one of my favorites for the record. I say [00:47:00] that to my kids too. You’re one of my favorite kids. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Right on. Awesome. All right, guys. I appreciate you guys. Thank you very much. I want to continue to encourage you to dream big hustle smarter. You’ve got this great day. Nice. Good day guys.

Thank you. Have a good day. All you guys.

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He felt he had absolutely nothing to lose. So, as a bankrupt, divorced, high school dropout, single father of 2 young kids, now living 1250 miles away from all friends and family, started to pray for wisdom.
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