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EP61: How to Save Thousands in Admin Expenses Via Virtual Assistance with Nadia Burnett


In this episode of the DYB Podcast, the DYB team welcomes virtual assistant and entrepreneur Nadia Burnett. Nadia and the team discuss virtual assistance and modern online technology that can be employed to streamline the business and possibly save a lot of money in administrative expenses.

Nadia explains digital marketing, automation via Zapier, and other important tools that can and should be used today. She also sheds light on some modern technological concepts and services (which her company offers) such as search engine optimized blog posts and Zapier workflows. The DYB team also talk’s about delegation and having a clear vision so as to properly take advantage of these powerful technological advancements.



  • How virtual assistance & modern online tech can save you money
  • Importance of digital marketing
  • Zapier and other automation tools
  • The Importance of delegating with clarity





“Normally, between the different workflows, I would say it normally starts from your scheduling tool or however the lead enters your funnel.”

“A zap can look like this: when I get a new thing in program A, I want it to do this other thing in program B. So the first part is called the trigger and the second part is the action and zapier will run the workflow automatically based on the trigger without you having to do anything”

“I use so many Zaps myself, so really it’s a matter of asking yourself ‘What do I do every single day that makes me wanna pull my hair out; I don’t want to do it over and over again and so how can I automate this?”’

“Automate, delegate and focus on only what you can do.”

“There’s just so much powerful work that can be done, so many solutions but we need clarity, super clarity, about what we’re trying to accomplish so that we land right on the dot.”



1:27 How Nadia learned digital marketing

7:53 What is Zapier?

10:46 When and how to use a Zap

13:57 Nadia talks about other services her team offers

21:06 On delegation and clarity



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