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In this episode of the DYB Podcast, I get the chance to chat with Marc Poulos,
Owner and Operator of Marc Poulos Painting in the Chicago area.

Marc is a former employee of Ritz-Carlton, where he experienced first-hand what exceptional customer service looks like.
This “Customer First” mentality has heavily influenced his painting business on every level, and inspires his employees to carry it forward.


“We always ask ourselves, how can we make this better?'”

“You can only be a hero to so many people – and when you have the support of the people you want to be a hero to, there’s no stopping you.”

“You should want to become a millionaire – not because of the money, but who you have to become in order to get that million.”

“Processes make what seems difficult very easy.”



[4:16] How Marc’s experience working at Ritz-Carlton has contributed to the success of his business

[18:34] What are the greatest Paradigm Shifts that Marc made that improved his business

[36:30] How did Marc create the culture his company has today?

[46:11] What Does Marc’s hiring process look like?


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Speaker 1:                              00:00:00               This is Episode 7 with Marc Poulos… Listen here brother!

Speaker 2:                              00:00:08               Welcome to the podcast I’m your host Steve Burnett. Each week we interview successful entrepreneurs to hear about their journey to inspire you to develop your business so that you can have financial freedom. Time for your family and make an impact in your community. Thanks for spending some time with me today and now today’s show.

Speaker 1:                              00:00:28               Thank you again for being here we have another inspiring interview lined up for you today with Mark polis. But first a special thank you to Matt Jansen for his podcast reviews saying great podcast I highly recommend following Steve in implementing his DIY buddy system to any service based business it will help you double your business as it did mine. Thank you very much Matt Jansen of Matt Janssen painting in this week’s episode I interview Mark Polus owner operator of Mark Polus painting from Chicago where he shares how you YouTube can make the shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset and the invaluable lessons he learned while working at the Ritz Carlton that he later applied to his painting business contributing greatly to his success. Without further ado here’s Episode 7.

Speaker 3:                              00:01:22               Today’s guest is from the Chicago area owner of Mark Poulo’s painting. Mark Post welcome to the show. Brother

Speaker 4:                              00:01:30               you got that right brother. I’m here with my pythons. We’re ready to take this awesome.

Speaker 5:                              00:01:36               So it’s real quick to explain the whole Cogen impressions honk Cogen is one of our remarkable presentations and we unpack that in Step six of the new system back in episode 1 and we’ve also created a tradition within you Iby and Mark was the first one that I hand it off to and then he did the remote presentation with Hulk Hogan that went crazy and he’s done many since then and now the Hulk Hogan costume has traveled the country even been in Canada. I think it’s heading back to the U.S. now to the next the I.B.M. records. We have a lot of fun with our brother and it’s great to have Mark was the first one handed it off to him. And he just took it from there and went on to Mr. to you but again go back to Episode One was it about as morals or even search some YouTube.

Speaker 3:                              00:02:25               Mark welcome to the show. It’s so great to have you. Thank you for coming on here. Thank you. So how did you get started in this crazy business entrepreneurial journey. Before we get into the ups and downs How did you get started.

Speaker 6:                              00:02:39               Was born and wanted to be a painter.

Speaker 3:                              00:02:41               When I first met you were the only one in class when they said Johnny wants to be a policeman and Julie wants to be a fireman Mark stood up and said only a painter or a painter. No

Speaker 6:                              00:02:52               . I started doing painting to earn extra money when I was in high school during the summer and then in college during the summer got out of college and was working in the financial services industry. One day was about 75 degrees and it was a beautiful day and I was I was comfortable at what I was doing. But I looked outside and I was like I don’t see myself sit in a cubicle or be alone for much longer. So there’s a little soul searching and say you know I was young at the time said hey you know what. I like that painting thing. It was fun and instant gratification and you know it’s I leave that I leave my day and it’s you know it’s over. People are always happy at the end because they can see that they can see the results.

Speaker 6:                              00:03:35               So I went back and worked for one of the gentlemen that I originally worked for during the summer and decided well I should learn this trade and an opportunity to do an apprenticeship took a pay cut and did that for three years just there was a union apprenticeship so it was one day of school a week and four days of work was hired on at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Chicago which was a big eye opener just because of the level of service and you know dedication. There was no such thing as good enough ever. Were always always can be taken.

Speaker 3:                              00:04:15               Could you elaborate on that some more and then we’ll get back to your story. But I think that there can be some really great insights there that you’ve experienced that you might be able to share you’d be at the Ritz Carlton would matter. It

Speaker 6:                              00:04:29               wouldn’t matter what the guests would want. They would make sure that it that it happened. And at that one it was it was pretty much it. It sounds weird but it was the flagship hotel at the time for the four seasons chain because the four seasons managed the Ritz Carlton in Chicago and one of the things were that everything that was predictable they could have a process to occur and it was it was pretty awesome just you know what what they can take every little thing from the time that the guest you know arrived at the property or checked out or made a reservation all the way through the time that the guest was gone they could handle that. And then everything else was personal whatever the guest needed they got. I remember chefs coming in to cook Baluga caviar omelet at three o’clock in the morning and.

Speaker 6:                              00:05:22               People actually people actually taking guests on tours of the city because they wanted to see something a little less commercialized restaurant. You know the usual restaurant reservations Capitoline treatment. Like I said nothing was ever good enough you were always going striving to go to that next level. And once you reach that OK what’s next. So it was a great experience. It really was.

Speaker 7:                              00:05:49               You know what. Client Service is all about.

Speaker 3:                              00:05:52               That explains a lot about the success of your company which we’ll get into in a little bit. But so some takeaways I heard from that were clients always they got anything whatever they requested. Nothing was. Nothing was turned away. So all of the requests were serviced something sure to that was really I for everything that was predictable had a process. Absolutely. And then the third that it was never good enough.

Speaker 6:                              00:06:17               So I just it was all you were always what. And you know can we make this better.

Speaker 8:                              00:06:23               Or can we.

Speaker 6:                              00:06:24               The other thing that I that I have to say that that was pretty amazing. It probably goes back to the whatever was predictable is they anticipated the guests. And you know there was there was background there was research you know if you were a guest there before they knew everything that you liked what you did. And they kept you know they they kept that all on file so when you came in if you had a special request they knew what it was it was already taken care of you didn’t have to ask for it.

Speaker 3:                              00:06:59               That’s fantastic. So they were top notch at operating a CRM customer relationship manager and sorted through.

Speaker 6:                              00:07:08               Yeah. Yeah. Before the point of anything being automated really.

Speaker 3:                              00:07:15               Now I’ve heard stories where they just ask common questions like So are you from. And why not. And they are they knew or for the first time you know maybe Detroit or Chicago or Denver. And then when you wake up in the morning the paper from your city would be there.

Speaker 4:                              00:07:30               Yes. Terrific. That’s fantastic. I

Speaker 6:                              00:07:33               remember we were able to stay at any as being an employee of a four seasons hotel or four seasons Banjoko. We were able to stay at any four seasons around the country for free as long as they had availability were able to stay and we got x amount of nights. And I remember that was the first place that I looked out the window. We were in West Palm Beach Florida. And I looked out the window and it looked like it was going to be raining and I’m like oh wow I wonder if we’ll have an umbrella at the desk. And as I open as I hope in the closet there’s two umbrellas right there. It’s like oh they’ve already thought of that. They have those.

Speaker 3:                              00:08:20               That’s remarkable. So OK. So this was your customer experience training. Wow. Talk about impactful so sit there. OK so go ahead and take it from there and maybe we’ll circle back to some more days.

Speaker 6:                              00:08:34               But you’re at the Ritz and from there worked there for a while always had the idea at least in the back of my head that I would have my own business even when I was you know when I was in financial services I thought OK you know this is I’ll have you know my own business and my own son. So I work at the Ritz got to a point that I was working at the Ritz and working evenings and weekends. You know 60 70 hours a week. Vicki was pregnant with our third child. Just left the workforce. And you know being the strength that she is she just turned and looked at me and said hey you know what you’re going to do it. Do it now. And her lying to me was You can always find another job. So when I had my own started MVP decorating.

Speaker 6:                              00:09:24               And what year was this 96 97 started that two years into it. I took on a partner. 2008 came along you know we were having a good goal time in the early 2000s. You know just hey you making money everybody’s happy. 2008 came along and we just couldn’t afford two salaries debt piled up and it was pretty much the end. There were some we made bad financial. Is not OK we can always we can always sell the next job to pay for you know the mistake on this one or so that that ended.

Speaker 3:                              00:10:01               Mark Parmi I want to circle back because I think there’s another really valuable point here I’d like everybody to capture because I know this has been critical in my life and in my business. But when you left and you launched and Vicki you just had. You said your third child. You had who pregnant with our pregnant she was pregnant with our third child.

Speaker 6:                              00:10:26               We haven’t had it yet.

Speaker 3:                              00:10:27               OK. OK. And he she you had her full support to go for it.

Speaker 6:                              00:10:34               Absolutely. Absolutely. And you know and challenge me you know that’s what she does. And that’s so awesome. You know because she really sees us he challenges me when and you know when I’m playing smaller I’m like All in all we could do this like no you could you could take that. And I think you can handle that. And she’s also has the foresight to look at me like you don’t want to come up with an idea. You know looks at me that I have a third eye.

Speaker 4:                              00:11:02               Like what. Possibly be fake.

Speaker 3:                              00:11:06               Yes so in my life I would have never taken some of the big risk.

Speaker 9:                              00:11:11               We’ve stepped out of a comfort zone to get into the magic zone as I would have without April’s and KERS of my life. That’s the same for you and the point I want to make is how important it is for whites to support us.

Speaker 6:                              00:11:23               Oh it’s it’s awesome. It’s very important. It’s you know you know there’s there’s only I don’t know who said it was Dan Sullivan or somebody said that you know you can only be a hero to so many people. And when you have the support of the people that you want to be a hero to. There’s no stopping you.

Speaker 3:                              00:11:42               That’s awesome. Sponheim OK great thank you so wives out there please please please support your husband. To see them succeed. Tell them they have what it takes. They are Superman they are absolutely. OK. Thank you so. Circling back to the partnership. Oh age everything’s kind of. Well it’s certainly not for us it as it was beforehand. So partnership talking about parting ways.

Speaker 6:                              00:12:11               What do they look like. It was pretty stressful you know that it was a family number. It’s hard you know kind of killed. Yes kind of killed the relationship but I still had still had three kids. Now we’re at that point that they’re going to start you know they’re they’re in high school and they’re going to start going to college so oh boy back again you know.

Speaker 4:                              00:12:32               And Vicki and Vicki said hey OK you know what are you going to do. No time to sit around.

Speaker 6:                              00:12:39               And I took a little time just to kind of get my bearings as far as what did I want this to look like what were the mistakes that I made and what would I what would I never do again and what would I do more Morris and launched Marples painting and basically one of the things that the reason I put Mark Polus painting on it was I wanted my name on the job. You know whether I perform it or not it’s like when it turns and they look it’ll come back and they’ll look at me and now I look at it now I look back at it that it should be team are always painting because my crew does all you know they deserve all the credit for what a great point and the growth rate. So

Speaker 3:                              00:13:24               at first it was I want the credit the ownership but now it’s it’s like now they they deserve it. It’s team Diablos.

Speaker 10:                           00:13:33               And I you know I look at it I look at it to the point that if I were to do it again I would name it something else. I wouldn’t have my name on it.

Speaker 4:                              00:13:39               I would like to see it go but it was great at the point it was really good for my ego. Oh yeah.

Speaker 3:                              00:13:48               Well you know in all fairness rape probably during that time.

Speaker 9:                              00:13:51               Oh wait 0 9 restructuring starting all over just getting our the winner out of us we need a little little boost a little fuel to the ego to help us to watch kick on again.

Speaker 3:                              00:14:03               That’s great. So then from there you started my pulse painting again and you get up and you get rolling you start over which is about the time that I started over Florida. So what does this look like for you.

Speaker 6:                              00:14:15               What was real while this is when things were going well we tend to get a little complacent. So I just I just realized that OK I’m going to do whatever it takes and go back to basically grass roots. It’s like I want to do whatever it takes to make sure that that I’m feeding my family that I’m going to be successful that I’m going to continue growing and one of the you know one of the big things was is that I really dove into the personal development. I did some of that you know when I was before I started my business but just kind of let it go and then was like OK I’m going to do this business thing. And I just realized that I had a focus on growing myself you know and and in turn putting that out into the into the community and helping others grow.

Speaker 3:                              00:15:03               That’s awesome. What were some of the first authors speaker’s books programs that you were introduced to or got involved with.

Speaker 10:                           00:15:12               Oh gosh. OK let’s see. I remember listening listening on cassette tape for you that you know that I don’t know that Earl Nightingale’s the strangest secret leave the field.

Speaker 6:                              00:15:24               Yes let’s see. I’m just going back to the old first one. I remember listening to a single tape that I bought at a bookstore Zig Ziglar goal setting tape.

Speaker 4:                              00:15:33               Yes. And you know I just I just think about that and you know you don’t have to pay the price.

Speaker 9:                              00:15:43               You’ve got to have those goals.

Speaker 6:                              00:15:47               Yes you do. Help us I’m told. There ain’t any baskets out here. How are you going to score any goals if you don’t have any. Barry are you going to score any points. You don’t really go but see Anthony Robbins more like the unlimited power and the wake and the jive with that. Those are big and I still have a ton of these. I have some Jim Brown stuff and pretty much whatever I could get my hands on at the time I was I was exposed to. Someone sent me and this is before he was the super marketer but sent me a name it was a 8 case cassette tape of Jill tallish doing interviews with you know everybody and he would just go on and move forward. And you know he would take all the Nuggets he would ask you know what the depth of their definition of marketing is.

Speaker 6:                              00:16:45               The difference between marketing and selling but very successful people. And that was that was some of the big were some of the big books and then you know it it just keeps coming out it just keeps coming. I was really kind of make a commitment to it. And you continue to grow. I think that that you know one of the things that really sticks out is give grown saying that hey you know you should want to become a millionaire not because of the money but who you have to become in order to get that money back. That’s one of my favorites and you repeat that just in case somebody was mistype please that you should want to become a millionaire not because of having a million dollars but who you need to become in order to earn their get that million dollars you have for the person that you’ve become. That’s

Speaker 3:                              00:17:32               awesome. I love that it was Jim RWN who introduced me to Brian Tracy and it just keeps going from one to the next right.

Speaker 11:                           00:17:38               Absolutely. Brian Tracy he is the love I don’t know what it was ten seasons of sales success or whatever it is Solanas seventieth book I believe.

Speaker 3:                              00:17:53               So back to Tony Robbins you know when you were sharing about Ritz Carlton is never good enough and in fact it reminded me of something that I learned from Tony Robbins and he talked about Kanai constant never ending improvement.

Speaker 11:                           00:18:05               Absolutely. You know I who I truly believe you. No you’re not. You know I believe that Tenet as well as you know you’re not growing you’re dying. Yes. So just continue growing.

Speaker 3:                              00:18:17               Yes yes. So there is no going sideways.

Speaker 10:                           00:18:20               No no go sideways. That’s it. That’s what you do before they put you in the ground.

Speaker 3:                              00:18:27               Exactly. So you know I was going to target market question but I’ll circle back to that because I think next will be you know paradigm shift. What are some major paradigm shifts that you’ve had to make along the relaunch with Mark Paulist painting where you are now one of the biggest things is that whole.

Speaker 6:                              00:18:46               And I don’t know if it was at the time but you know Givers Gain as much value as much value as you can and the rest of it will fall. Yes and that includes you know to yourself to your you know your family to your clients to do you know everybody whatever value can offer and add to it you’re going to make your life better. I believe you know the more like I said you know Bobert Givers Gain.

Speaker 3:                              00:19:14               Yes. Absolutely. What’s in his books go get her. Yes. Hilgert will school or any others come to mind that that help you to make that paradigm shift to realize to have that aha.

Speaker 6:                              00:19:29               I don’t know if I knew it at the time but I know you know what it’s like. Lately it seems like it’s been coming up but I just finished for the second time Carol Dweck look mindset.

Speaker 8:                              00:19:43               Neither have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset.

Speaker 6:                              00:19:47               And like I said you know you need you need to be growing. And I you know I look back I look back at it now and when you own a business you tend to have somewhat of an ego or fixed mindset but when you start looking in that OK I can grow in this area and then if I can help people grow then everything and then everything’s going to go along with it.

Speaker 3:                              00:20:11               So you find that when you help others grow you grow more.

Speaker 6:                              00:20:15               Oh absolutely. It’s and it’s it’s an exponential you know scale and it’s not and I’m not saying OK here I’m going to hand everybody a thousand dollars I helped you. That’s not what it is it’s you know challenging those people to do what they can do and putting it into their ballpark not not saying you have to do this you have to do this. It’s you sit out. All right. What do you want. You know what would they want it to look like. How can I help them see where they’re at. You know I go back and I think it was tymber on that we’ve talked about you know telling someone hey you know what I’m I’m on to differ I’m on to a different chapter and I believe that your chapter is over in this book. What’s involved with that with people like I think you’re about to write another chapter and that could be you know let somebody go. And it could be for their benefit because you’re not working on a you know towards the same target.

Speaker 3:                              00:21:12               Speaking of you mentioned the great book mindset and going from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. So what advice or what have you done in your life because to those out there who are surrounded. Because it’s not common to be an environment in a community of growth mindset that we have to work at. This is where some things that you’ve done to help you or what you encourage others out there to help them to make that shift from that fixed mindset to growth mindset.

Speaker 6:                              00:21:43               First of all scientifically the mind is you know the brain is malleable you know it’s not it’s not heart it you. Yeah you may be hard wired. You know for fighting spider flight but you can actually you know they’ve done research that you can actually they can actually see that the brain will find new neurons or whatever. And you can learn new things of any age. The other thing is is I’m one of those people and I think that you know comes from a fixed mindset. I’m one of those people that always wanted to say OK I’m going to do it all I do it all now.

Speaker 4:                              00:22:17               And it’s just little steps. It’s

Speaker 6:                              00:22:20               just small you know the slight edge you know stuff that you know you just take you know them and like their inheritances and it grows into the big mole compound Phonte it up. It just continues to grow. So I you know I used to look at things I used to look at things and think wow this would be great for my kids to check out. And now I say to myself I should check this out. I

Speaker 4:                              00:22:47               if the sexes.

Speaker 8:                              00:22:50               You have to. You should. You know I’m thinking OK look at this field maybe you should check because I’m like well maybe I should check it out. You know what’s the difference.

Speaker 3:                              00:23:00               Absolutely. You mentioned slight. Just real quick. That’s a book written by Jeff Olson. And so fantastic book as well as in Hardy’s compound effect. So to shout things of daily things day in and day out before you know it kicks in and boom.

Speaker 6:                              00:23:15               I love that. I don’t know if it was there and Heritier was Jeff Olson but it’s like you know you don’t you don’t gain 30 pounds by eating a pizza one night you need a pizza every night or you know in three years.

Speaker 4:                              00:23:30               Yeah.

Speaker 3:                              00:23:31               Yes. Who are some who. So you’re in the mindset right now.

Speaker 9:                              00:23:37               Who are some guys that you’re really enjoying. Or gals right now as far as constant never ending improvement. Some other books out there so we get started. And you know one leads to the next and Burchard.

Speaker 6:                              00:23:48               I like him I just love his energy.

Speaker 3:                              00:23:50               Marshall Goldsmith like him yes. What got you here won’t get you there. What’s another group. Yeah not a huge Mojo Baron was the great book that was there that triggers.

Speaker 6:                              00:24:03               Yeah I like him a lot of comparisons you know. I love him Ferris. You know I loved Joe Polish in Jackson Hole. I loved marketing vodcast. Joe policy is typecast typecasting ten times podcast with Dan Sullivan.

Speaker 8:                              00:24:19               It’s just you know a whole nother level. One thing I have to say a paradigm shift that I had they used to believe that there was always you know you have to have this balance in your life you know work play grass balance.

Speaker 6:                              00:24:37               And I think people I think people confuse it when you have to have an equal time of this in equal time and that it’s like no I’m going to crank out when I’m you know when I am out of balance. But I have you know when I’m out of balance I’m out about enjoying myself and then I’m I’m out of balance. You know in you know pushing hard for my business I’m out of balance when I’m focusing everything on my family. But when you look at it as a whole it is a balance. It just goes at a different time. It’s not I have to be in perfect balance every day. I take you know you have to stop right now it’s like no I can take certain certain parts of you know just make that time frame longer. That could be three months.

Speaker 3:                              00:25:24               That is the most important thing that I would absolutely agree with you 100 percent. That’s spot on so you’ve you’ve got through this journey and that’s why I love you. We can talk about this for hours right. So we take these and you know Cassen never any improvement we’re reading these books are going to be seminars we’re working on ourselves we’re getting feedback and we’re also building our company. SUE before we get into your company what’s your target market.

Speaker 6:                              00:25:53               My target market is basically people who want a stellar experience and they’re willing and able to pay for it.

Speaker 7:                              00:26:02               And they I don’t know what the expression be they enjoy life they they’re happy people.

Speaker 4:                              00:26:10               My hair as my target market.

Speaker 12:                           00:26:13               You know I don’t like working for people I mean yes we take the challenge like yeah we’re going to we’re going to surprise this person. You know we take that challenge on the ground. Ramsden did that. That article about the house on the Hill. Yes. You know this. This is out of my comfort zone or whatever that is my goal for that day. You know it’s like that big thing that people are like I don’t know. We’re going to we’re going to create an experience because you know there was a time. And and I’m sure everybody that’s been in the painting business is thought about it every once in a while that you know hey OK I’m just going and I’m paint walls you know or paint ceilings what different you know am I made. When really you’re creating it’s just like you know you’re sending someone to the four seasons but you’re going to their their home and creating it in their home and you have the opportunity to create the moment for people that it maybe three days maybe three months.

Speaker 12:                           00:27:17               But what you do can have an impact on their lives whether you realize you think you’re just putting paint on the wall you know it’s how you interact with those people and what value you can get to them.

Speaker 3:                              00:27:29               Wow that’s awesome. So if I heard you correctly your three piece says we are going to be which is step two and we will never go back there and get the download for it as well. So your three piece are great people are awesome and highly profitable which house on the Hill. The process simple process you know onboard execute steps.

Speaker 7:                              00:27:57               Yes absolutely. And it goes back to working with you is really kind of push this into me because I’ve always fly by the seat of my pants. But there’s a process involved. And it makes it makes it seems difficult very easy you know it’s like a. It’s like a concert pianist or you know a rock star you know a rock guitar player you know someone that is up there and just you listen to it or you’re blown your mind blown away but yet there’s so much that has gone into that that it makes that effort for.

Speaker 13:                           00:28:38               We’ll continue with the rest of Mark’s story in just a minute. But first I want to thank Michael McNamara of precision painting for his kind of review of I.B. saying. I see you guys as the best resource I have encountered on the Internet. P.S. You have no equals. Thank you very much. Michael McNamara of precision painting if you would like to build your business and more importantly your bottom line and do it with out paying for leads. Join you today and you get full access to all of our checklists courses and processes like how to find great guys and hire for character how to own the first page of Google without paying for leads a complete employee policy manual how to present estimates on the spot and most importantly how to build a steady flow of high value leads. You’ll also receive access to our members only Facebook group the DIY community with over 200 helpful and encouraging people just like you with a focus and determination for working on your business so that you too can achieve financial freedom.

Speaker 13:                           00:29:42               Spend time with your family and make an impact in your community. Get access now. For just thirty seven dollars a month by going to join DIY B.Com you are not alone. Do it now and I’ll see you on the inside.

Speaker 3:                              00:29:59               As you’re building a new company. Gotcha of. Want to talk about is how is it possible to make a really good living that a painting company. But first how did you get into this niche you can’t just walk into to this niche that you service.

Speaker 12:                           00:30:13               I get a few things I mean never really was big and still I’m not discounting things.

Speaker 3:                              00:30:19               Well let’s unpack this for a second what what happens if you offer discounts you lower your own value.

Speaker 7:                              00:30:26               Yeah you know you start discounting Oh yeah we can take this much off or do that. I’d rather give you more say you and I would rather give more so we would. I worked in some designers offices that I worked for clients. I

Speaker 14:                           00:30:40               mean I think we spoke about my free painter for a day that I would rather you know I’d rather give you a free day to see what we could risk reversal. Well see what we can do.

Speaker 3:                              00:30:52               But explain that just a little bit for those who have not heard.

Speaker 7:                              00:30:55               We have an agreement with realtors that that’s one of the groups that we do. But we’ve done it across the board but we give a free painter for a day.

Speaker 4:                              00:31:04               And so are we going to talk about buyers and buyers only sellers are as buyers only DSL sellers.

Speaker 14:                           00:31:14               There’s usually a scheduling issue and we’re out to build relationships and sellers are usually gone too fast before we can build a.

Speaker 12:                           00:31:24               OK so we will give them a free day with the painter or they can experience what it’s like to have us in their home.

Speaker 3:                              00:31:33               There’s the risk out there I’m sorry everybody’s feeling like well I can give away all my days of painting Charlie any talks about the law reciprocity what’s been your experience with giving away all these tree painting.

Speaker 4:                              00:31:46               Oh my gosh I hit hard the entire display.

Speaker 12:                           00:31:51               I could probably dig out the numbers but have there been have there been days that we’ve given away and you know never heard from people again. Yes absolutely. And it turns out those those those aren’t are our target market.

Speaker 6:                              00:32:06               But the upside is probably I have to say it’s at least a hundred fold. Wow. And they I mean. Of what we’re getting given away and what we’ve received back and that doesn’t. I don’t think that includes you know ongoing business and referrals. That’s just from the day of what we’ve done.

Speaker 3:                              00:32:31               You know that business right there for the majority or the average contractor out there he said No way that’s crazy. But you’re saying I can’t give enough of these days away.

Speaker 7:                              00:32:44               That’s right. That’s right. If I had you know I have we talked about that can I have a team of guys that’s all I do is get paid to OK I a. And as long as he is you you know you’re not just thrown about late. Like I tell clients that that I give them to I’m not out here. You know. So paint the world for free.

Speaker 12:                           00:33:09               I’m out here to build a relationship and to give you value our business. We can we can talk. We can have video testimonials we can do whatever. But really when when people people know what we can do by either seen what we’ve done no better yet seen us doing it and experience more so experience and I’m doing it. So we don’t really allow ourselves to show who we are.

Speaker 3:                              00:33:35               So couple of points. This is for buyers only. It’s communicated that it’s in good faith and then it opens up these relationships. And when the relationships come up when you started with this we don’t give discounts but instead we may add more value. Yes.

Speaker 7:                              00:33:52               It’s great. And you know Eyre’s is a perfect example too as you know people are like Hey could you knock you know says you knock a couple hundred off of this ad like one of the things and I and my guys do this my guys do this a lot when they’re they’re out in the field and they sell their you know I I’ll say I really can’t. But

Speaker 12:                           00:34:13               what I can do is I can paint these three doors first. You know for you forgot that the Vidor’s really did.

Speaker 4:                              00:34:20               And people were like Oh really.

Speaker 3:                              00:34:24               So that’s a perfect example instead of giving a two three hundred dollar discount. You say no I’m sorry I can’t do that. But I can you know these three doors and I can I can I can pay those for yes. So you’re adding value.

Speaker 6:                              00:34:37               Yeah or there’s a powder room that you know that well we’re doing this whole first floor of to powder how about we paint that powder room.

Speaker 3:                              00:34:45               That’s awesome. That’s fantastic. Suit up means business you’re going into this really nice niche the house on the Hill or even you know downtown Chicago for you these condos right these high end condos as everybody’s out there going through the you know entrepreneur rollercoaster.

Speaker 9:                              00:35:02               And there are times when we get started we’re like this is it fair enough when you get a jail B. But if you stick it out and constant never ending improvement is it possible to to make a really good living in this business.

Speaker 3:                              00:35:15               Absolutely. Absolutely. How much does culture play into this.

Speaker 6:                              00:35:22               It’s huge. I think your your culture basically drives drives your business if you’re if you need to grow old you have to have that team. You can’t do it by you can’t do it by yourself. I’m sorry you can’t do it by yourself. I mean unless I don’t know maybe I create YouTube in Mike in my backyard my basement or something. But

Speaker 4:                              00:35:44               you know I you need you need the team there.

Speaker 6:                              00:35:48               That team is is what represents your brand what you know and and how you take care of them is how they’re going to take care of your people are you know your client.

Speaker 3:                              00:35:59               So back in history when I first get started I would try to hire painters who knew how to paint. And we were working for builders. I

Speaker 9:                              00:36:06               was 19 20 at the time and it was the most difficult thing in the world and I would want to bang my head on a wall or become original Echohawk one or the other because of the stress and in trying to teach these guys mannerism and to be punctual and how to go the extra mile.

Speaker 3:                              00:36:26               And I think many many of us struggle with this getting started. What did you do. How did you create the level of culture that you have today to help you to have such a profitable company.

Speaker 4:                              00:36:39               Well I was I was one of those guys. You know I need you and you better be able to pay. I don’t you know I don’t care if you’re gonna throw a cigarette butt. Mrs. Jones’s flower pot. I don’t care. You just had to get that windowpane and get it done anyway.

Speaker 6:                              00:36:53               Better. Yeah that’s what it was like. Now you know we hire for character who you know who do we have and who do we want to represent us. You know the thing is is who are my current team. You know who do they want to work with. They want to work with people that have good character. They don’t want to work with people that they can’t trust or that they feel aren’t going to show up to the job or they have to follow behind. And we we kind of have a saying with our with our company that you are your brother’s keeper because we’re in this all together. And so we’re on a project or a client asked for something you know who knows walk the dog whatever it is ok we can do that and we’ll support each other doing that.

Speaker 3:                              00:37:42               We hire for character. So is it good enough just to hire great guys who are honest and they care and they’re thoughtful.

Speaker 6:                              00:37:50               No you need that accountability and responsibility that you are honorable about the life.

Speaker 3:                              00:37:55               Would you explain that please.

Speaker 6:                              00:37:56               So you want accountability you want ownership. You want that you want that responsibility from from the people that that you hire. And I hear your question. You know that I always get.

Speaker 7:                              00:38:14               Tell me about something that went wrong and when I when I get a guy that when when I’m interviewing a guy and you know someone who to this looking for a job and you know you want a tip on how to get higher.

Speaker 4:                              00:38:27               It’s like I f you know what went wrong. And all of a sudden it’s a it’s a blamed for more. This

Speaker 10:                           00:38:33               guy did that or that all of a sudden I I I always wanted to take a video do my eyes just glance over. No. Hey you have to go.

Speaker 3:                              00:38:42               Now what’s interesting is they don’t even realize the below the line character that they’re revealing with these questions right.

Speaker 6:                              00:38:50               Yeah that’s that’s exactly it. You know it’s excuses. We talk about we talk about the line of you know I’m doing the best I can. And my guys say it because I must have said it a thousand times is that the only time that I only hear that you say hey I’m doing the best I can is when you’re told while you’re doing a great job what you’re doing right now is outstanding not doing the best I can.

Speaker 4:                              00:39:17               And I’m glad that you know that I’m not hey you think we can get this done. Is the client going to be happy. Well I don’t know I’m doing the best I can.

Speaker 3:                              00:39:27               Yes. So real quick just circle back when you mentioned the questions is you referring to the 11 interview questions that we have and I’ll include those in the show. It’s for everybody listening. It’s FREE download that you can out there great that you can help us to reveal the character of the person you’re interviewing without them even realizing that most of the time. Yeah. So what are some things you do with your team to cultivate your culture right to continue to elevate. So it’s great to hire these guys to scream out bring them on. Scott’s responsibility and accountability. What are some things you do to cultivate the culture of your team.

Speaker 6:                              00:40:02               I shared this before my group hug Friday. Tim cuts out early. They come back to the shop. They come back to the shop.

Speaker 8:                              00:40:10               They they leave at 1:00 will eat their grill order pizza place some bags you know we’ll we’ll hang out. And they get paid for the whole day. And you know they get so that they get time and they’re not.

Speaker 6:                              00:40:26               They can go home if they want. They can just go back home. They don’t have to incur. I don’t think I had one guy that that didn’t come. I think that as I think of you know all of us all the times have. And he’s no longer with us. Interesting

Speaker 3:                              00:40:41               . Yes. So just so I’m clear you have your team cut out 1 p.m. on Friday. They all come to the shop. You rule out Ebonies group hug you play some games and you pay them on the clock and you have a profitable company. How does that work.

Speaker 6:                              00:40:57               They produce. The only thing that I keep saying with this is that they like working here and it shows. They show it is more so than it shows because I think I think as a team we’re invested in each other. And you know I believe that they they get that. I want them to succeed. And the more they succeed the more I succeed. I’m not you know I’m not here and in out and it out money or Oh yeah ok just show what you know just come here and be a nice guy and you know there are certain things that they need to do you know and which which I always say which I always say like with our projects and the experience that we give a client is a great paid job is a given. You know what they’re going to get.

Speaker 6:                              00:41:48               That’s a given. It is not it’s not all you know. OK well we’re going to do a kind of a good job. So you know we’re going to do a great job and all that other stuff that goes along with it. Another thing that we do that we started to do and I’m looking to put it on my Web site is so my three lead guys are and I’m trying to make everybody a superhero. So I have I have Mr. beautiful Mr. Perfect and I am superman and you know and they get it. And it’s it’s something I think that they take pride because you know a job’s coming in or it’s like oh wow that was it was really tough. You know we’re going to try to get this done and get it done. It’s like Superman you got this. That’s why I put it in the hands of Superman. And at the at the end when it’s done he’s recognized that he’s recognized that yeah he is superman and everybody knows it and we laugh at that.

Speaker 3:                              00:42:52               That’s awesome so you’re giving them a fun reputation to live up to.

Speaker 6:                              00:42:57               Yeah yeah. And it’s like and I’d like to convey that to my clients as well.

Speaker 4:                              00:43:03               No that’s fantastic. Your hand you have Mr. beautiful here. It’s gonna look beautiful when its beautiful.

Speaker 5:                              00:43:14               So how do you find the ear you hire for character you’re elevating the character you’ve got the team meetings and you’re encouraging them and you giving them these awesome superhero reputations to live up to playing to their strengths. What’s the difference. BARRETT

Speaker 3:                              00:43:31               You know so we had the guys back we first got started who we try to teach character to two today. You know we try to teach character to them right and we wanted them to take care of the client and it was such a headache. But today we focus on culture. How how well or what’s different about how they take care of the client now and the company they get it that that’s the most important.

Speaker 6:                              00:43:55               And I think you know as I go back to that culture they realize that that’s the most important thing. And I feel that they feel that they’re being taken care of is very important to employ. It is important that they’re taken care of so that history just reflects out a play. Yeah. Before it was let’s get this done. I don’t mind excuses. Just get it done. And you know you get a paycheck.

Speaker 4:                              00:44:22               It doesn’t work well. I mean you know 1940s and 50s are gone a long time ago as you say the industrial age as long as we are. That’s right. Yes. OK.

Speaker 6:                              00:44:37               One of the things we’re doing we’re going to do in December is we’re just having a team day and we’re all getting together and we’re we’re brainstorming. I want I want to know you know what I want to know from them. And and like in our ad we ask why do you work here. You know why would you know. This is what we’ve been told. You know this is what we’ve been told by our guys. And I want to know you know what can take us to the next level in their opinion. We don’t know. And I want the guy that complains I want him to tell me what you know what you like when he’s got the I want him to tell me what’s going to make it better what’s going to make the client experience better what’s what are we going to compete.

Speaker 6:                              00:45:19               Where are we competing. You know in the marketplace. And what do you see. Some guys will do. You know I’m sure I’ll get the yeah just better paint job or you know we could do that but who knows we may get them some golden nugget say because most of the great ideas aren’t quite as to be you absolutely right I mean McDonald’s stream McDonald’s they went back to the 16 year olds and said how could we be more productive.

Speaker 3:                              00:45:47               How could we provide a better experience and get these burgers out faster. And they told them they made the changes. Now you had you’d mentioned something I want to circle back to real quick because this is this is really good you said you ask your team why do you work here.

Speaker 5:                              00:46:04               And then you include that on your ad which which you mean by that is you’re hiring for character right. Would you explain that just yet. It’s a process.

Speaker 8:                              00:46:11               So we had a we know we have a we have a script.

Speaker 6:                              00:46:15               You know if you’re you know from the DIY bee system if you know you’re if you’re told that you’re responsible smile you know that you do an excellent job. This is maybe a place. But we also we we have a prelude to that is that hey you know we’ve asked we’ve asked our team recently you know why do you work here when you have the ability to go and work somewhere else. And we included and we put that in there. And they tell him Well you know we put out a great project. We have a great team. There’s no big egos. And I took this right from that. I did write this myself. These were from questions that were responded to by our team members. And and they’re the ones that they’re the ones that put it out there. You know we have a family atmosphere you care about us other than just the work force. I have a folder probably here somewhere that has all those in there.

Speaker 4:                              00:47:15               Yeah it’s just a list.

Speaker 5:                              00:47:18               Yes. So that’s the point we want to make yours is really good is so we love sales and marketing and we understand a USP. We’re having a unique selling proposition. But especially in today’s economy we need to have a USP for hiring and that’s what you’re doing here.

Speaker 6:                              00:47:35               Yeah I actually thought about putting that out there. I actually thought about putting that out there you know to my clients and putting it on my Web site. As far as hey you know what. You know this is our team and introduce our team on our Web site. And this is why they work here. Let my clients see are prospective clients here.

Speaker 3:                              00:47:52               Absolutely. That’s fantastic. So this is good. Your culture is strong you’re doing such a great job with them and it’s so important to hire elevate curate and then they take care of the company.

Speaker 9:                              00:48:06               As things are Rolands you’re in this really nice nadge you’ve got this awesome culture this great team business supported and cash flow slowing. But now we need to keep it all streamlined and organized. And

Speaker 3:                              00:48:19               so in the last five years especially we’ve had to embrace technology. Right.

Speaker 4:                              00:48:28               Yes. So that’s where my growth mindset has to come in and get into.

Speaker 3:                              00:48:37               Walk us through that please.

Speaker 6:                              00:48:39               So I am not a huge tech savvy person but I am also looking to continue growth where where before I’d be like I just don’t get that I could still learn and I can still do it. So we use you know we use sheets and group me well in advance of those who have never or are not familiar.

Speaker 3:                              00:49:04               Could you explain what those are for you and your company please.

Speaker 6:                              00:49:08               So tc tC 2 is the time classes but it’s more. I mean it’s now it’s you can schedule off it. It’s an app on their phone. They plug it in they plug the job name in there. They’re able to they’re able to let you know you know Patrinos that you know answer three questions at the end of the day what you know how the job when are we on track you know what’s the move we always ask what’s the mood of the client.

Speaker 3:                              00:49:35               It’s cruise now before. So no more bookings written. I worked 40 hours every week paper time sheets correct. No

Speaker 4:                              00:49:44               .

Speaker 5:                              00:49:45               I remember you made this God and you did some math would you share that.

Speaker 6:                              00:49:50               Oh god. You know it’s like all of us all of a sudden I had thousands of dollars that you didn’t even realize and and I always felt that I don’t know maybe it’s a weakness. It was like OK well I don’t want to piss this guy off you know. He said he worked at a time that’s when he worked you know. OK we’ll pay him for that. He sure you were Yeah I was like OK. Now there’s no there’s no ifs ands or buts you clock out your clock out.

Speaker 10:                           00:50:17               You need to be you know the CPS tells you hey you are here.

Speaker 3:                              00:50:20               No. Yes yes.

Speaker 9:                              00:50:24               And I forget the number but I remember we did the math on just when your crew leaders like oh my gosh t shirts which cost I don’t know 30 or 50 dollars a month is saving me like sixty five thousand dollars a year with this one guy.

Speaker 10:                           00:50:38               Yeah it’s yeah it’s ridiculous. I mean I think it could what does it cost five or six bucks an employee. It’s not going to like that. If no one’s pay it one pays for it all it goes back. It’s the other side of of of free paying or for a day in the other side of it.

Speaker 3:                              00:50:57               OK. Yes. It

Speaker 6:                              00:50:59               doesn’t cost you anything real. AT&T is saving you money.

Speaker 3:                              00:51:04               Next you mention group me. We’re

Speaker 6:                              00:51:07               all connected. It’s a group chat and it allows the guys to communicate. And I have to say that I’m not as I had to be diligent for a while and constantly greet greet the team every morning and say it’s a great day. You guys are the best. Whatever let’s kill it today. Whatever you know raising I would ask questions how do we look at this job. And guys would be able to chime in.

Speaker 4:                              00:51:36               Guys would be able to chime in that we’re on that job other than just the crew are swell and was kind of while it holds everybody accountable because everybody knows it’s.

Speaker 3:                              00:51:48               Yes. Yes so it’s a time for your culture and your productivity. So

Speaker 10:                           00:51:53               productivity obviously like you know guys are posting pictures we’re killing it here. Yeah you wish you could do this. Good to go back to before there’s smack talk going on. Yeah.

Speaker 6:                              00:52:06               It’s all in fun and culture culture to the point. Like I said I had to be diligent and I and I let it kind of slack. But if you were to look at my group chat my you know my team’s group me chat Dean guys continue on they’ll talk to each other there. Hey good morning everybody who’s going where. Who’s covered with you know. It’s like how’s it going today. And I see it or I’ll see you know I’ll see pictures of guys like goofy pictures of guys on the weekend.

Speaker 4:                              00:52:34               You know it’s like not today or I you know psychology and are sitting in a lot of fear.

Speaker 5:                              00:52:43               Yes. We had a guy who was one of the older painters and we love him to death. Everybody loved him and every evening he’d get into a six pack or maybe more and you could tell by his typing or lack of typing skills. As the group kept going now you can do this rage just let everybody know.

Speaker 9:                              00:53:00               So your phones not born at all Apple are all evening as needed.

Speaker 3:                              00:53:03               And it’s awesome for streamlining your processes elevating your culture. How much does this one cost you. It’s FREE.

Speaker 10:                           00:53:12               It’s FREE. I don’t think I don’t pay for it why I know you or did I buy it. I’m like No you just asked me a trick question.

Speaker 3:                              00:53:24               So it was pretty awesome. OK sort of tease seed’s group me. What else do you have in your tech stack.

Speaker 6:                              00:53:32               Let’s see what do I what do I use. I use Wunderlist. You can just add more than what I started doing now is using more notes. I just use my notes on my phone and then just let that kind of propagate you know because I always have all that stuff. It’s one thing it allows me to do that. Let’s see that. That’s about it. I I I’m getting pretty good. In fact they have a training and additional training today with tap the painters estimating program OK which I find works well for me and I believe you know most of us that have been in this business a lot of times we can you know go out there and turn it out look at a few rooms or if you know if you’re just doing a smaller job obviously OK this is going to cost this much but it’s all in one place. And it’s not in my head and it’s what it’s allowing me to do is let other people do what I could only do absolutely so Vegas today is Siri able to delegate when needed.

Speaker 3:                              00:54:38               Yes. The sales process. What about project manager. How do you how do you communicate all the projects send them out to your team your crew needs.

Speaker 4:                              00:54:48               Oh yeah the 800 pound gorilla that is just extremely awesome. I

Speaker 10:                           00:54:58               mean it’s everything’s there and you know it allows us to put the job in how many hours.

Speaker 6:                              00:55:04               What special concerns are in there. And we’ve just scratched the surface of what can be done with it. And guys put in photos we post photos of things that need to be you know here take it. Make sure you check this out or you know if there’s a spec there’s certain areas that the clients worried about. There’s a picture of that there is a note that goes with it. We have it let we have it let the client in. But I know there’s that option. Communicate with the client in there. But it’s just it’s our little private club right now.

Speaker 3:                              00:55:43               That’s awesome. Just to clarify this is base camp to correct.

Speaker 11:                           00:55:47               Yes. We used to.

Speaker 3:                              00:55:49               It’s got that great visual production calendar on it I’m visual so I need that and then we can also use and sales as well to shows because we can say we’re busy but we show them as proof. Yeah.

Speaker 6:                              00:56:02               The other thing too is as far as a schedule as far as a Schedule point does I could sit down with the calendar. And like I know that. All right I have all these projects that were just sold or just accepted and they’re not on the schedule and intends to loom over you and you’re you know it’s just kind of like oh God I could just go into that I go into the calendar and I don’t even have to put a crew leader in it. I can just go through and say OK boom. These jobs jobs going here are the jobs going here are these jobs grown here. It takes less than 10 minutes.

Speaker 4:                              00:56:40               Everything’s out everything’s out on a calendar. And then from there it is like OK you’re going here you’re going there.

Speaker 6:                              00:56:46               You know it’s easy and the next step is you have.

Speaker 3:                              00:56:51               I’m actually thinking of having my lead guy doing the schedule because Hill you know he knows he knows who’s capable of what just as well as I did probably more so if you put him into this role how many more golfing trips do you think you’ll be able to take in 2018.

Speaker 10:                           00:57:11               I’m already schedule.

Speaker 6:                              00:57:13               I know I already said I already realized I’m like OK let’s see let’s see I’m going back to back going back to back and playing golf the week before the IB conference in in May. So the last week of April I’m playing golf and then I’ve got that I’ve got you know that I’ve gone to the White B conference already in May and then it’s just with that it just allows it to free up I was able because of this I was able to go you know just with with a small knowledge of what he knows. I was able to go to Europe for two weeks as it could not have to worry about not having to worry about my company.

Speaker 3:                              00:57:55               That is remarkable. That’s awesome. Now would you be able to take these trips and cash flow if you didn’t have culture or the tech in place. No

Speaker 6:                              00:58:05               no. Oh yeah I mean the tech made the tech maybe that the tech gives you that that peace of mind the culture and the culture. I there’s no way without that without the culture all you’d be thinking about is what this guy doing or where. What are we doing here. It’s like no I know what the culture of my teammates.

Speaker 5:                              00:58:27               So I’ve years before and he said the culture eats strategy for breakfast.

Speaker 6:                              00:58:35               Absolutely.

Speaker 3:                              00:58:36               Absolutely. This has been great. I really appreciate having you on. Final words for those who are out there.

Speaker 9:                              00:58:43               They’re there on the entrepreneur roller coaster and maybe they’re on the downswing which we’ve been many times. Final words of encouragement to keep pushing forward keep implementing keep learning that you would have Burleson’s a few. First

Speaker 11:                           00:58:57               you know don’t give up now. Don’t give up.

Speaker 6:                              00:59:02               Always keep working on yourself and just put the systems work just keep you know just keep putting them in place. You know you have to stick. You have to stick to what you know is right. And when it’s usually when it’s easy to do what you used to do. It’s not the right thing to do. That’s

Speaker 3:                              00:59:21               awesome. Well Mark thank you very much for your time. Actually Parmi one second think your brother. It’s been an honor to have you here. I can’t wait to jump to the ring next time.

Speaker 10:                           00:59:36               Next time we’re going to be jet fly limb is the right thing.

Speaker 4:                              00:59:43               Hey is this the level that nobody bid to make your boring. No.

Speaker 5:                              00:59:59               Thank you again for coming out for me. Listen we’re going to have all of these links in the short notes for you so you can download worksheets U.P.S. and also links to the books as as many as we can that were mentioned here on the show. Mark it’s been a pleasure working with the unknown you have me as a friend. Looking forward to hanging out and have an awesome day.

Speaker 10:                           01:00:18               Awesome thank you Steve. It’s been great.

Speaker 2:                              01:00:23               I hope you enjoy this episode if it was helpful. Please share it with a friend. He won all the free downloads and links mentioned the show go to be COCOM forward slash 0 7. Also if you would like full access to all of our courses processes checklist to help you to do all of your business.

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Speaker 13:                           01:01:31               Once again the link to all the show notes and free downloads go to be coach Doc com forward slash 0 7. Thank you very much for listening. Our mission is to inspire you to double your business so that you can have financial freedom. Spend time with your family and make an impact in your community. I appreciate you. I’ll see you next weekend remember you’ve got this.


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