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You are not alone. In fact, this is one of the most common questions or complaints I see across Facebook, next to, “How do I find good help?”

It’s never about price. ~ Steve

For me, when I hear this, I give it two meanings.

  1. I failed to prequalify them properly. Meaning that A) I know exactly who my target client is and B) that we are the proper level of service they are looking for.
  2. I failed to communicate either enough value to them or I didn’t understand what their highest values were from the beginning.

At the end of every estimate, I ask them this powerful question.

“What does a great painting experience look like to you?”

And then I just sit back and listen to their answer ready with iPad Mini or pen in hand.

Usually they are taken aback because nobody has ever asked this question before; next, they will tell you EXACTLY what is most important to them, not what we think it should be.

When they share this GOLDEN goose with you, WRITE IT DOWN on the scope of work in your proposal.

Repeat it back to them along with your complete painting process, pointing out the experience they can expect from your company.

So, when I hear my price is too high, I take 100% ownership for it. Period. I say to myself, either I did not prequalify them properly or I did not communicate enough value or at least the value they are looking for.

The cool part about taking 100% ownership is that NOW I have the power to change it.

As long as I blame the other guy for being too low or the customers being too cheap, I’m powerless. If it’s a “them” problem, I’m stuck, but when I take complete ownership, I can continue to raise my close ratio and increase my market share.

Here are your 4 next Action Tasks!

  1. Take complete ownership!
  2. Prequalify all of your leads.
  3. Ask them whats most valuable to them, then clearly communicate all of the value you are offering to them. HINT: it’s not about painting. It’s about the EXPERIENCE you provide. 
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Jack Jordan - June 11, 2015

Good stuff Steve!

    Steve Burnett - June 13, 2015

    Thank you very much, Jack!

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