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Let’s quote from one of my favorite movies and hear from Val Kilmer in Tombstone:


“Should I hate ’em?”


“You don’t even know ’em,” replies Kate.


“Yup, I hate ’em.”


I hate ’em, too. So do you.


He was actually talking about pop up ads, little did you know. 😉


We all hate ’em. Yet, when wondering where to “invest” our marketing dollars, many people blindly turn to ’em!


They are so annoying. You’re reading an interesting article. The title made you curious. The content has bulleted lists so you can peruse the main points before commiting to reading the whole thing, then




Pop up ads.


Where is the tiny little x to close this annoying interruption? Oh, there it is. OH, MAN! I accidentally missed the x and now it’s taken me fully away from the article to spam central!


Paper ads. Just as bad. Post card sized mailer ads, etc, they are all equal.


They are great recycling items, but have little value elsewhere.


Let’s get real. Does any else sort mail over the recycle bin like we do? Of course. Why bring the junk mail all the way into the house, when it belongs in the trash?


So, listen up. We want you to be in the newspaper and we are not ANTI-ad.


Wipe the shocked look off your face and keep reading.


How to get in the newspaper (even front page, in color) and get past the recycle bin when mailing out information IN ONE EASY STEP. ARE YOU READY? 


Step 1. Anything But Ads


Guess what? You can mail out anything you want to your customers and/or neighborhood and they will read it — as long as this criteria is met: IT MUST BE ANYTHING BUT AN AD FOR YOUR BUSINESS.


What then, dear April, am I supposed to be mailing out?


Oh, I am so glad you asked! Remember our G.I.E of sending cards? You may send anything that is:

  1. (showing) Gratitude
  2. Inspirational
  3. Entertaining


Now, if it is any of these, call your local newspaper and ask them if this would make an interesting story. Here are two examples.


First, ABA Approved Example:


Steve noticed that we could save 33% and hundreds of dollars on coffee by utilizing Starbucks’ “Buy 2 get one Free” pounds of coffee. Quick math and a couple of quick phone calls told him:

  1. 50 pounds would indeed be a record sale for this store.
  2. 50 pounds of coffee in one purchase, with some going to charity would be a great story.


Check list: call wife, make purchase, get photo (in branded shirts, of course) = free ABA approved (Anything But Ads) newspaper write up that


got the town talking about these two “Coffee Crazed” owners of Burnett 1-800-PAINTING.


business coach painting contractor




Second, ABA Approved Example:

Our first Paint It Forward for Christmas 2012

= front page and in color, full article. Steve even dressed up as Santa and all the volunteers had donned Christmas colored shirts and smiles all around!


business coach painting contractor


Can you do this?


Is it easy?



As the great, late Jim Rohn says, “What’s easy to do, is easy NOT to do.”


Will you get out of your comfort zone and think outside the ads to get your article in the paper? Go for it and then send us the article! We’d love to post your success and congratulate you!


If you would like the step by step instructions on how to implement your very first A.B.A. in the form of a Young Entrepreneur Scholarship, get the full course here for only 7 bucks!


If you would like all 20+ courses, with step by step instructions on how to implement them to DYB-Double Your Business, we welcome you to check out the DYB Café.


In the mean time, #KeepItCaffeinated








About the Author

Steve and I built up, streamlined, and sold Burnett 1-800-PAINTING--- quintupling it in under 3 years during what some called a "bad economy" before selling. We are now helping other painting contractors and entrepreneurs to Double Their Business while reducing their hours. We've been the struggling painters until we figured out what works and now love to share that info with you, to help you do the same! Whether you are building up to sell or pass on to your children, we are here to help you make it a reality.

Eric Spiegel - October 18, 2015

Great Blog, April, I remember the Starbucks stunt, it grabbed my attention! Thanks for reminding us to think outside the box!


    April Burnett - October 18, 2015

    Thank you, Dr. Faux!

Cape Breton Painters - October 18, 2015

Taking that step outside the box is the most difficult but rewarding experience this year. Thanks Steve and April for sharing your knowledge and giving us all the ambition to succeed! You will be seeing me soon is the CAFE once our schedule allows 🙂

    April Burnett - October 19, 2015

    Our pleasure! We look forward to having you in the Café, Rick!

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