All of the business I received was by referral and it kept us busy enough.

Another added expense is not what I wanted.

I am not a techie guy.

I could go on and on with reasons I did not want a website, but it was time…

I broke down the website birth process into 3 phases:

The Idea Phase:

 What did I want my website to say about me?

 What did I want the website to look like to a visitor? Because it’s really about the visitor’s experience.

 What options did I want to give someone who visited my site (online booking, picture portfolios,

post message, and # of pages)

 Would I have a “call to action” on the site?

 What did I want to spend on a website? A onetime cost, yearly, monthly.

 Who is going to build the site?

After asking other business owners and talking to a couple of website creators regarding the above,

I was able to find someone who I thought was easy to work with (remember it is your website) and could relay my ideas to paper but was not afraid to share their ideas and what works in the industry.

I wasn’t going to just build a website to have a website but I wanted a site that was going to represent my business as well as work for me and produce results,

which I am going to share with you but first,

The Creation Phase:

 My website developer provided me a list of things that they would need to get started

  • Pictures
  • My story
  • Accomplishments in the industry
  • Certificates of Insurance and license information
  • Testimonials from clients

 My developer kept in contact with me during the process providing me pages to review and edit. This allowed the site to be personal for me and what the customer would see at completion.

 I started writing content for the website as in Blogs (new to me at first now it is second nature)

 Suggestions were given on what options to add and any additional charges were discussed such as the online booking tool.

 The website was then delivered to me before “going live” for any tweaks and edits in which I did have a few.

The Product:

 The site is now live.

 We have over seventy-five blogs loaded on the site.

 Our blogs consist of:

  • Industry news and product
  • Tips on painting
  • Project portfolios

The online booking option has produce a remarkable amount of bookings, were the customers find it very customer friendly, i.e. “a great visitor experience”, and has produced 10’s of Thousands of Dollars in Revenue.


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Just this week, we received an online booking for a paint estimate for a 14,000 sf office building interior repaint for the middle of winter in New England.

If this was a year ago, they would of never of found me as I did not exist on the web.

Yeah, just one year ago.

I can not imagine now what would have been if I did not take the step and implemented a website.

If you need a site built, or would like to build your own like some of our DYB Café members are,

Like Michael Craine, “…quick ROI!”,  of Craine Painting here:

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DYB Café: Course 5. Build Your Website in 10 Steps. 


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I hope to see you on the inside.


I am off to the game.  GO PATS!


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About the Author

Ron Ramsden is the owner of the successful Ramsden 1-800-PAINTING, who implemented the DYB SYSTEM, and crushed it in 2015, and now coaches other painting contractors around the nation to do the same.

bruce baggenstos - December 6, 2015

Every little thing adds up. Start small and keep at it. I have been a contractor for thirty years and made a good living doing it. Save your money and reinvest in yourself and your business. The true signs of success are being able to decide what jobs you want and at what profit margin. It does not matter where your customers found you, as long as you get the opportunity to bid on the project. The best forms of marketing have a low cost basis like word of mouth, web-site , yelp etc. Your prior customers are free advertising. Remember to reward those customers who referred your company with any number of different types of perks such as Gift Certificates, free maintenance inspections or finders fees. Always ask your how they found you and if was a former customer pick the phone and thank that referral ASAP. Sometimes we get cut up in the instant technology of modern times and forget that most of are clients predate the internet.

    Ron Ramsden - December 9, 2015

    Thank you for your comments. We also think our customers are are biggest asset to our company. We track all incoming calls and a question that is always asked is “How did you hear about us?” With happy customers the phones will ring. We have also learned over time that the customer has to be reminded we are hear. They have a very busy life and and touching base with them is key.

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