The DYB Café is an interregnal part of building your business for less $$$, unlike traditional forms of advertising.

More info about the DYB Café  later but first,

One of the strategies I learned and love to use is “Club 50” for networking referrals.

This includes a handwritten “Thank You” letter with a crisp new $50 bill for word of mouth referrals that we are awarded!


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Here is a quick list of materials needed to get started:

  1. Your Custom Notecards and Envelopes with FUN stamps.  You want them to open the letter!
  2. Crisp $50 bills!  Keep an expense tab going in your books under Chart of Accounts/Marketing/Club 50
  3. Correct name and address of the person who referred you.  This is very important as you want the cash to get to the right person!


Step 1

Keep track of who referred you to the job you are bidding.

If they are referred, you have an extremely high chance of closing the deal!

Make sure you keep track of your closed jobs in your lead tracking spreadsheet/CRM and on your “Club 50” Wunderlist.




Step 2

Bi-Weekly set aside time to write the thank you cards. Below is some sample text you can use.



Thank you very much for referring Steve to us!  Welcome to “Club 50”.  Every time you refer us and we are awarded the job, we will send you another $50!  I appreciate your trust in ESP Painting to refer your friends, co-workers and family to us.

(Don’t forget to sign it!)


Step 3

Mail it! but don’t forget your custom stamp!

Here was my last batch I sent out.  

I was awarded 5 jobs from word of mouth referrals to us, totaling $24,400 in work (4 of which were closed on the spot).  This only cost me $250 for Club 50 referrals. Was that worth it?  YES!

That’s a 1% investment to close just under 100x the cost of the “marketing.”


Club 50 Letters


Now, I need to remind you, this is a club and not something you are going to do for every referral, but every awarded job whose source was a word of mouth referral that you would like to have more of the same leads.

Steve and April used this with BNI members and Chamber members as well as clients and respected contractors who referred them consistently.

To make the most of this opportunity at networking events where you are required to give a 60 second presentation:

When Steve went to BNI and had a “thank you for closed business” for someone in the group, he brought the crisp $50 bill and presented it to the member who referred him with much fanfare and excitement, welcoming them to “Club 50!”

Soon, all wanted to be a part of that club!

Get more quality leads with Club 50!

Who will be your first recipient?



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