The Checklist

  1. Go to
  2. Create a free account (one account for you whole business) with the owner’s email
  3. Click on Manage
  4. Click Create a New Booking Profile
    1. Make sure calendar is the owner’s calendar
    2. Customize URL people see if they click the calendar to:
    3. Add logo URL
      1. Go to your website
      2. Right click on your logo
      3. Select “Copy image url”
    4. Give your calendar a name
    5. Customize text at the top of the calendar
    6. Click “Online”
    7. Preview Calendar and select Save
  5. Click the “times” tab
    1. Customize hours to your business hours
    2. Change unchecked days to “hide completely”
    3. Make sure min, max, and default bookings are 30 or 60 minutes or change them to what your times are
    4. Click on Display 3 weeks per page
    5. Enter times for lunch
    6. Click Save
  6. Click on the “advanced” tab
    1. Change minimum notice to 1 day
    2. Change padding to 30 minutes
    3. Change units per slot to 60
    4. Click save
  7. Click on the “booking form”
    1. Customize:
      1. Email
      2. First name
      3. Last name
      4. Whom can we thank for referring you?
      5. Phone
      6. Address
        1. Do you live here: seasonally, year round, other
      7. What would you like painted
      8. When would you like it painted?
      9. Other comments or notes
    2. Make sure all important aspect are mandatory
    3. Click save
  8. Click on “teams” tab
    1. Select box for teams
    2. Must have premium account
    3. You can select the team members from the calendar
    4. Click “assume no preference for all users” so the lead sees one calendar
  9. Click on “afterwards” tab
    1. Customize a message for your bookings!
    2. Click save
  10. Click on “cancellations” tab
    1. Change up to from “2” to “24” hours
    2. Click save
  11. Click on “reminders” tab
    1. Customize a nice personal touch message to remind leads of estimates they booked with you
    2. Click save
  12. Click on the “appearance” tab to customize further
  13. Send a hand-written thank you in blue ink after each estimate! Each estimator should keep notecards, envelopes, and stamps handy in the car!