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Summer has been good! Long days, profitable jobs, and you are feeling confident about the fall being booked up with work.

You’re now grilling steaks instead of hot dogs and the summer sunshine is still burning strong, at least for a few more weeks.

What’s more,

you have the nest egg…. the one that carries you through the winter and into the spring.

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Temptation sets in. You say to yourself, “It’s been a good year; I deserve to treat myself and my family for my efforts…right?  I mean, my neighbors just bought a camper and some ATV’s. Why not? I can afford it and deserve a boat!

Before you indulge your temptation, answer these few questions, for your own peace of mind:

  1. Do you have all the free time you want with your family and for activities?
  2. If you could not work for 3 months, would your business run without you?
  3. Are you debt free? If not, is there a plan to pay these off soon?

“Delayed gratification is a sweet lesson, whose teacher knows the best is not right now; it is yet to be.”

Maximillian Degenerez

Truth be told, I wanted a boat, bad! It was on my list of things to buy, until I rented one.

I was once told “A boat is a hole in the water for money.”

Yes, my family had fun that day and so did I; however, I wasn’t willing to give up my time, hard earned money, and future resources, so that boat fell off my list.

Delay purchasing that boat, ATV, and camper– at least until your business and finances can handle it.  It will be a sweeter victory!

Pay cash… It’s so much more fun!

If you have answered yes to all three questions, well done! You will most likely use cash, buy used, and know not to spend more than 10% of your nest egg.

If you answered no to the above questions, what’s the plan?

Plan your work and work your plan, someone very intelligent once said. (Jim Rohn? Brian Tracy?)

Do you want a plan to streamline your business?

How about a step by step plan to get you to the 30 Hour Work Week?

Do you desire to develop systems for your business to run more effectively, thereby creating more time for you and your family?

You’ve come to the right place!

Instead of the instant gratification of purchasing a liability (aka: the boat or other items), invest in an asset (yourself) and growing your business this winter. Instead of “getting by” as the year past, learn from someone who has been where you aim to be.

We can only teach what we’ve successfully done. Steve and April have not only increased profits, reduced hours, and sold their painting company, but are willing and able to show you exactly how you can do the same thing.

I took them up on their offer for DYB 1-1 Coaching and it was a whole lot less expensive than learning these lessons on my own.

What’s your situation? Are you making as much money as you would truly like and have time to spend with your family, take vacations, etc? Email me at and let’s see where you are at and what your next steps should be.

For now, put the photo of the boat or whatever goal you desire on the fridge and keep investing in yourself and your business, until you can realize that dream peacefully and with cash!

Don't buy that boat!

If you would like to have a greater “nest egg” at the end of next season – double check your numbers using our labor rate calculator inside the free Estimating Bundle and make sure every job is profitable.

About the Author

As a newly single father of two from MI, he struggled to start over as a paint contractor in FL, going door to door. His situation was so bad, even the IRS had mercy on him.

 Feeling completely hopeless, he remembered the story of King Solomon praying for wisdom. Could it be so easy? 

He felt he had absolutely nothing to lose. So, as a bankrupt, divorced, high school dropout, single father of 2 young kids, now living 1250 miles away from all friends and family, started to pray for wisdom.
 And while he continues to wait for the wisdom to arrive, what did come was an insatiable desire to learn and read books… 
Thanks to God for giving him the burning passion to read books, and attend seminars, (oh and winning the wife lottery) he not only cracks the success code and overcomes the struggle, but also streamlines his painting business in less than 3 years, published a how to book, then sold the company. Now he leads a business coaching company for painting contractors so he can help other businesses, like yours, to do the same. Hear more... Or