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If they call and the first thing they ask is, “Do you provide free estimates?” they might be a bad lead.

If they have to have it painted tomorrow, they might be a bad lead.

If they just want a price, but won’t bother to meet with you to look over the project, they might be a bad lead

If they call for an estimate and then say, “I could just paint it myself,” they might be a bad lead.

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If they want their teenager’s black room, with skulls stickers, and punched holes in the drywall repaired and all painted back to white, and they’re renting, they might be a bad lead.

If they want the complete house painted and yet tell you that they could probably get it all done in a day, they might be a bad lead.

If they say they have all the paint, “Oh, but don’t worry, it’s the good stuff,” they might be a bad lead.

If they call and go on and on complaining about how they have already gone through 3 other painting companies, they might be a bad lead.

And, my all time favorite, if they call and say, “Hey, if you give me a great price on this one, I mean if you really sharpen your pencil, I’ll give you a bunch more work,” they might be a bad lead.

Hey, everybody. I’m Steve with DYB Coach and the last thing you want to do is to spend your time driving out to any of those bad leads, so I’m going to share with you how to refer these bad leads away.

You can refer them away using either: location or time.  

Here is how you refer bad leads away due to location:

“Unfortunately, your project is out of our service area; however, I have the number of two other companies in your area if you would like?”

Here is how you refer bad leads away due to project schedule:

“Unfortunately, our first availability for your project isn’t for about 6 months; however, I have the number of two other companies who could get to you much sooner if you like?”

Are you lying when you say 6 months out? No.

You didn’t say your first availability, you said your first availability for their project is 6 months out.

See, you own your production calendar and you get to decide what projects you have openings for and when.

The key is to have the name and numbers of 2 other companies that you can hand them off to. They are grateful for two reasons:

  • No. 1: They don’t have to start their search all over again and
  • No. 2: They feel much better about being referred to them from you and they move on feeling grateful for your time and not frustrated you just told them no.

You also build goodwill with other painting companies because what’s a bad lead for you may be good for them.

If, by very rare occasion, they still insist that you come out and provide them an estimate and you don’t want to flat out decline, then let them know that the estimate will cost the $130.  If they hire your company then you’ll take it off the bid.

To make it easier for you, download our free Prequalifying Process that you can print out and post up in your office.

Special thank you to all the guys in the PWPP group for all of these classic examples of bad leads.

I’m Steve with DYB Coach. Make sure you hit subscribe, so you don’t miss the next video.

You’ve got this!

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