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The Quickest Way to Build a Relationship with Your Prospect While Giving the Estimate

Hi there, Greg here from DYB Coach.

Today I thought I should share something as I was leaving from this estimate.

When you talk about sales, many people will mention building rapport.

One of the things that I always like to do is get a look around the house.

If you’re doing an interior, take a look at people’s photos that they have out, whether they are about nature or golfing.

Figure out something that has an interest with these people, and that’s where you start to build rapport –by just discussing that with them.

I just did an estimate for a house, where we painted a ton of homes.

Normally, we do commercial painting, but for this particular job, it’s a very high-end residential community that’s out on a lake.

I know from being there for years that everybody in this particular community plays golf, it’s one of the biggest things they do, they absolutely love it.

So, one of the first things that I mentioned to him was how nice this golf course is, and how I enjoy playing myself.

We got into talking about golf and it led into other parts of the conversation.

Building rapport is essentially developing a common interest with somebody.

I think a lot of people get confused about that.

You don’t have to become the person’s best friend, but seeing something that they enjoy doing and getting them to talk about it, is really what you are trying to do.

I hope that was helpful for you guys in learning about the sales process.

That is how you make yourself memorable with people –you remember the stuff about them that they like to do and you talk to them about it.

Be engaged in the conversation because anytime that someone is passionate about a particular hobby or something that they do, they have a wealth of knowledge to share with you.

Generally, just try to engage in a conversation outside of the actual work that you are going to be performing.

Also, learn a little bit about the person and what they enjoy doing, it would really go a long way in the sales process.

You guys can do this!

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Thank you!

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