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This is the 4th phone message I’ve left with these people!

It’s been a month since I presented the bid.  I’m getting frustrated…

Can you relate to this?

We had a great meeting. They would be “A” clients and it would be a great job to have; we would hit it out of the ballpark.

I presented the bid on the spot, I showed them my video testimonials, I asked them for the sale, and I even sent them a handwritten note card!

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What am I doing wrong?

Why won’t they return my calls?

Can they just tell me a yes or a no?

I’m getting frustrated with the follow-up process!

No more frustration. Here is how our follow-up process works, assuming you prequalified correctly, which you can get for FREE emailed to you now.

The Key is to simply, Ask for permission to follow up: 

A. “Mrs. Smith, I normally follow up with a phone call, may I call you on Monday morning at 9 am?

B. “Mrs. Smith, what is the best way for me to follow up with you? A phone call, email or text? May I follow up with you Monday morning at 9 am?

Make sure to agree on a specific date and time for the follow-up. That way, they are expecting you and you are not an interruption.

If they decline your follow up or tell you that they will call you if they are interested, it’s a “NO”.

However, they do get added to my potential client marketing list.

Just because it’s a no now does not mean it’s a no the next time they need painting done.

I have been referred by many people who did not use our services and won the business!

Remember Steve’s story of “Arthur from New Jersey”… 6 years after the bid he won the business!  Just because he kept asking permission and following up, year after year, and you can too!

About the Author

Owner of ESP Painting, Jeff was coached by Steve for over a year before being certified as a DYB Coach. He continues to operate his successful painting business as well as coaching other painting contractors to DYB their business.